If you think you have a problem with substance abuse, you are probably worried about the possibility of losing your job. You may be concerned about random drug testing. This is especially true if your job has a union organization. All unions advocate and support a drug-free workplace and with good reason. Impaired employees are a danger to themselves and other workers. The good news is that drug and alcohol rehab is supported by labor unions. Your best chance to get help without jeopardizing your career is to ask for help at your workplace before you are caught.

Union Policies on Drug Abuse

Most unions have policies to help employees who admit to a possible problem with substance abuse. They also offer generous insurance benefits so that you will likely have to pay little out of pocket, even for the best rehab care. Some drug rehabs even work directly with labor unions to help them identify possible addiction problems in their employees. The idea is to catch an developing addiction problem while it’s still in the early stages. These drug rehabs offer comprehensive rehab treatment to union members. They also provide certification for the employee that he or she is ready to safely return to work after treatment.

Drug rehabs that work directly with labor unions are beneficial to both union leaders, employers and employees. No employer wants to lose a valued employee. After all, the employer has invested a considerable amount of time and money in training them. And no employee wants to lose a good job, either. They need the money to support themselves and their families. No one wants to lose a good paycheck and benefits, not to mention such future financial security like a pension and other retirement benefits.

Employees who enter into union-associated drug rehab programs typically receive the following services:

  • A comprehensive evaluation and treatment plan
  • Detox and inpatient rehab services
  • Development of a plan to help the employee stay sober in the long-term
  • Aftercare services
  • Return-to-work certification

Are You a Union Member Concerned About Substance Abuse?

You are likely addicted, or soon will be, if you have experienced any of the these:

  • You are preoccupied with your drug of choice
  • You avoid family gatherings if they interfere with your drug use
  • You’re no longer interested in friends and hobbies you once enjoyed
  • You experience withdrawal symptoms when your drug of choice isn’t available
  • You are often broke from your drug spending habits
  • You have spent money intended for life basics like rent and food on drugs

If you have tried to stop your drug of choice and have failed, then you are almost certainly addicted. If you haven’t yet been arrested, then you still have time to get help before that happens. An arrest could cost you your job and just about all future career opportunities.

Drug Rehab

Most people who are addicted need help both to stop using drugs and to remain sober. It’s not a do-it-yourself kind of project. If you’re addicted to alcohol, benzodiazepines or barbiturates, you need medical supervision in order to safely withdraw from these substances. All can produce serious withdrawal symptoms like seizures. Medical detoxification is designed to prevent serious withdrawal symptoms and also to keep the client comfortable during the process. You should not be in pain during a medically-supervised detox. Medical detox will also keep opioid withdrawal symptoms to a minimum. Again, you should not experience pain during a detox opioid withdrawal, either.

After you are detoxified from your drug of choice, you will begin to participate in evidence-based therapy. Evidence-based means that the therapy has been proven to work. There are many different types. You will also receive individual therapy and take part in group therapy with other clients. After you have completed the residential part of your rehab, you will receive aftercare services to help you stay sober. You may want to consider attending a sober living program as well.

Your employer and your union want to help you regain your sobriety. They want a healthy, safe employee working for them. Labor unions gain nothing by punishing and discharging good employees who have a substance abuse problem. It makes much more sense to help them and get them back to work. That’s why they will support an employee who wants to stop using drugs and get help.

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