Our Approach to Addiction Treatment

Learning about the disease of addiction is an essential aspect of any recovery program, but it is rarely enough to sway an addict or alcoholic to the side of recovery. Fort Wayne Recovery was designed by addicts and alcoholics in recovery who are now enjoying sober, healthy and fulfilling lives. We understand your struggles and, more importantly, what it will take to get where you want to go in life. While we strongly believe in the 12 Step approach to recovery, we do believe there is more than one path to get there, and we will gladly work with you on an individual basis no matter your beliefs.

Fort Wayne Recovery’s goal is to assist in facilitating our clients’ integration into living full and productive lives. Among other useful tools, we focus on building strong support networks, finding and maintaining gainful employment, learning to manage symptoms and medications and promoting strong life skills. Our program was designed to provide the most conducive environment possible for our clients’ long term sobriety, down to our choice in location.  Along with psychodynamic and process groups, we will engage you through powerful psychodrama art, music and creative therapies, recreational activities and holistic approaches such as yoga and guided meditation, and spiritual guidance. Ft Wayne Recovery encourages growth with attention to body, mind and spirit.


Our team

When it comes to staff, this is where Fort Wayne Recovery makes a difference.

Mickey Ashpole

Founder & CEO

Mickey Ashpole was born & raised in Indiana. He is a graduate of Wawasee High School and served our country as a Marine.  After struggling with addiction for many years, Mickey eventually went to Florida for treatment.

He became involved in the treatment industry and became determined to one day bring a high-quality treatment center to his home state. He learned as much as he could about all aspects of the industry, with attention to learning how to support people to find quality substance abuse treatment. He was an outreach coordinator for Satori Waters and National Director of Outreach for Waters Edge Recovery before taking on his current role of CEO & founder of Fort Wayne Recovery.

Mickey moved back to Indiana in 2015, determined to support his community. He became involved in various coalitions and became a community advocate for addiction recovery. As the Founder of the non-profit “A Bridge to Hope” he created a resource in Kosciusko County to offer solutions to those affected by addiction. He actively works with law enforcement to provide resources for those people struggling with addiction.

As CEO of Fort Wayne Recovery, Mickey has been able to help create one of the most individualized treatment programs in Indiana. Within the first three months of opening, Fort Wayne Recovery achieved the gold seal from the Joint Commission. Fort Wayne Recovery aims to put the clients in a position to succeed and become a better version of themselves.

In 2016, he married his wife. Together, they raise Mickey’s stepdaughter & their new baby girl in Fort Wayne Indiana. Mickey is a true advocate for recovery, showing people that there’s hope for people to truly recover amidst a nationwide addiction epidemic.

Justin Anderson


As a Chief Operating Officer of a largely successful Florida based treatment center, Justin Anderson had immersed himself in the day-to-day operations, ensuring that the client and staff experience was one of consistency, care and harmony. Justin oversaw management, marketing & branding, admissions, facilities, and operations at the two Florida-based treatment locations, overseeing 100+ staff members and a 72+ bed capacity; all while ensuring the operation had proper resources to fulfill its critical work of saving and transforming lives.

As a result of his dedication and hard work, Justin was able to make important contributions to the organization’s successful application for Joint Commission Accreditation. He also spearheaded several expansion projects as the success and admissions grew. His dedication to meeting the high standards that clients need and deserve resulted in this rapid progression in the organization. Justin had established an exemplary track record of leadership development and building high performing teams.

Justin’s experience allows him to effectively communicate and understand the needs of his co-workers and clients from both a logistical and therapeutic perspective.

Justin’s highly successful seven year career in the addictions treatment industry will enable him to install a professional and empathetic culture at Fort Wayne Recovery Center.

Adam Hochberg

Executive Director

Originally from New York, Adam Hochberg and his family moved to Florida early in his life. Adam was always a strong student and excelled in athletics such as basketball and tennis. At 17 years old, he took off to go to college at Florida State University. Being away from the structured life of his youth, he began to dabble with drugs and alcohol while living in the dorm. That was his introduction to the dangerous world of active addiction. As his addiction hadn’t progressed to a debilitating point, Adam moved closer to home and began to learn about retail home financing. He started out working at JP Morgan Chase and then moved on to the secondary financing market. Unfortunately, when his career progressed so did his problems with addiction.

Through a family intervention, Adam accepted the opportunity to obtain treatment on the West Coast of Florida. Six months after leaving treatment, he started his career in the Addiction Treatment field. As Adam is very passionate about improving each client’s chance to remain clean and sober after treatment, his area of focus was Recovery Support Services. Adam designed a nationwide facility directed peer support network for those whom recently completed treatment. The product of that effort was more positive long term sobriety outcomes.

Due to his exemplary work providing Recovery Support Services, Adam moved up to executive leadership positions for nationally recognized and accredited treatment centers. Stemming from a desire to empower his workforce, his leadership efforts have resulted in the successful care of thousands of clients. Additionally, his excellent communication skills and inclusion efforts have bought together many agencies that seek to help struggling addicts, alcoholics and their families. These partnerships serve to end the stigma that plagues the Recovery Community at large. He has dedicated his life’s work to improving the lives of those that continue to struggle with addiction and alcoholism.

Adam currently lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana with his wife Libby and they are currently expecting their first child in November of 2019.

Samir Ishak

Medical Director

Dr. Samir Ishak completed medical school in Cairo, Egypt. He is currently the medical director for the psychiatric program at St. Joe Hospital, Adam Memorial Hospital, and Jay County Hospital. He did his residency at Chicago Medical in 1996. He is board certified in general Psychiatry and a 14 year resident of Fort Wayne.

Nate Moellering

Community Outreach Coordinator

Nate Moellering was born and raised in Fort Wayne. He went to Concordia high school and played football at the University of Saint Francis.

Nate is in recovery and struggled with addiction for over ten years.

He attended treatment all over Indiana and parts of Illinois without success. It was not until he attended treatment designed and implemented by the founders of Fort Wayne Recovery in southern Florida in early 2017, that he was able to consolidate his knowledge of recovery and apply it to his life. Nate moved back to Fort Wayne from Florida to positively impact those adversely affected by the current opioid crisis.

Tommy Streeter

Community Outreach Coordinator

Tommy Streeter, a Warsaw Indiana native, is in recovery from active addiction that lasted for almost 10 years. After many failed attempts at treatment, Tommy was finally able to make the changes in his life that were necessary to sustain recovery.

Tommy currently lives in Indianapolis, where he has worked for two other premier addiction treatment facilities, both as a peer recovery coach and outreach coordinator. 7 months after his last stay in treatment, Tommy became a recovery coach and has been heavily involved in the field of addiction treatment ever since. Tommy was very excited about coming to Fort Wayne Recovery, as it is closer to his hometown where he tries to be a positive voice of recovery for those struggling in the area.

Mandy Onguta

Nurse Practitioner

Mandy began her nursing journey in Indiana in 2003 and eventually earned her Nurse Practitioner degree from Troy University in Alabama.

She has a well-rounded experience base, which includes mental health and addictions. Mandy believes in honesty, dedication, collaboration and empathy and looks forward to serving her local community.

Heath Gambrel

Nurse Practitioner

Coming Soon!

Holly Stoiche

Quality Assurance Officer

Holly is a Fort Wayne native. After graduating from Northside High School, she attended IPFW School of Nursing. She quickly discovered her love for the administrative side of the medical field.

Holly has worked in a multitude of medical office specialties including family practice, billing, emergency medicine and hospital based practices.

She has been married for 24 years, and has two wonderful, talented children. She has volunteered in youth ministry for the last six years. Her hobbies include quilting, running, attending Christian music concerts, gardening and being a companion for the elderly. She is passionate about life-change and serving others. Holly is excited to support the staff at FWR and to have a front row seat watching as family trees are positively impacted.

Steffan Rice

Director of Operations

Steffan A. Rice is a native of Gary, Indiana and graduate of Indiana Institute of Technology. He earned a Bachelor degree in Psychology and has over 11 years of experience in social services, education, addiction, and family development and enrichment. He most recently worked as Youth and Family Director for the Renaissance Point YMCA and previously held positions at the Boys and Girls Club, Genesis Outreach, Inc., the Indiana Department of Child Services, Indiana Tech, and the YWCA, Inc. all of which have prepared him for his current role at Fort Wayne Recovery as the Director of Operations. His passion is to assist others in achieving their fullest potential and to enhance the community by serving those who are most in need. He is the father of three children who are his pride and joy.

Elaine Shea

Human Resources Director

Elaine was born and raised in Pennsylvania and moved to Indiana in 1990. She is married to her best friend of 32 years and has 2 sons, a bonus son and daughter from her husband’s first marriage, as well as 9 grandchildren. She has worked in Human Resources and Payroll since 1992 and her theory is that she is that not only there to protect the company, but there to help the employees as well. Elaine has dealt with addiction of family members and always been one to help others by being “mom” to a lot of young people and has been their “go to” person to talk and guide them.

Margaret Coats

Clinical Director - LMHC, LCAC, CSAT, RN

Margaret is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Indiana and Florida. She is a Licensed Clinical addictions Counselor and Registered Nurse in Indiana with extensive experience in addictions and trauma counseling. She is certified as a sexual addictions therapist and is a consultant and certified in EMDR therapy for PTSD, trauma, anxiety and depression. She has been in private practice since 2002 after training and work as a therapist at Family and Children’s Services (now Headwaters Counseling).

Margaret believes it is important in counseling to create a safe, compassionate, authentic and caring environment where the clinician acts as a guide in helping clients use their strengths, wisdom, and spiritual and community connectedness for healing and healthy life decision making.

Dick Boggess

LCAC - Therapist

Dick Boggess is an LCAC (Licensed Clinical Addictions Counselor) with training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Reality Therapy and certified in Moral Reconation Therapy. He has been in the treatment field for close to 20 years and is very involved with the recovery community and the Drug Court team of Allen County.

Dick currently sits on the Board of Directors for Four County Transitional Living, a transitional living facility for men in Steuben County. He has served on several other half way house boards in the past as well.

Dick is excited to be a part of the Fort Wayne Recovery team.

Chris Knutson

MSW, LCSW - Therapist

Chris Knutson has been working as a Recovery Therapist for the past thirty years. He is a licensed clinical social worker and has worked in numerous treatment settings including residential, inpatient, and outpatient services. He believes that treatment is a learning opportunity for clients to gain awareness and gain the tools and practices necessary to feel equipped and confident in keeping their commitment to achieving and maintaining long-term abstinence and sobriety.

Karen Stephenson

LCAC - Therapist

Karen Stephenson, Licensed Clinical Addiction Counselor graduated Indiana Wesleyan University with a Bachelor’s and Masters Degree in Addiction Counseling. Stephenson served the field of recovery as a team member on the Noble County Drug Court for many years prior to joining our center. Karen’s passion for empowering clients to discover a healthier version of themselves is why she comes alongside the clients journey of healing and discovery to provide education and support.

Karen’s clients may experience the interventions of EMDR Trauma therapy, MRT Group therapy, Motivational Interviewing and CBT in individual sessions.

Katie Valentic

LMHC - Therapist

Katie Valentic is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Certified Alcohol and Drug Consultant in Indiana. She has worked in the mental health and addictions fields for over ten years in various treatment settings to include individual and family therapy, inpatient and outpatient services, and group therapy.

Katie grew up in New Jersey, where she attended Montclair State University and earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. She served in the United States Air Force as a Mental Health Specialist. During her enlistment, Katie continued her education and earned her Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling.

Katie has lived in Fort Wayne since 2012. She is an avid dog lover and enjoys spending time with her family. Katie believes in creating a healing and supportive therapeutic environment where the client feels empowered to tackle life’s challenges.

Kellen Lewis


Kellen Lewis was born and raised in Chicago. Kellen decided to come to Indiana Tech for a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and moved here permanently after sophomore year. After years of working in case management roles he decided to pursue a graduate degree in clinical mental health counseling from Capella University. Kellen has a deep passion for helping those affected by addictions.

Amanda Fogle

LMHC - Therapist

Amanda has a B.S. in Psychology from Manchester University and an MS. Ed in Counseling and Human Services with a focus on Addiction Counseling from Indiana University South Bend.

Amanda is working towards licensure as both a Mental Health Counselor and Clinical Addictions Counselor. Amanda has worked in the mental health field for 5 years, in outpatient and residential treatment centers – with both adults and adolescents. More recently Amanda has worked with adults transitioning from incarceration back into the community. Amanda is certified in Moral Recognition Therapy (MRT). Amanda has received training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Motivational Interviewing (MI), Art Therapy, Question Persuade Refer (QPR) – suicide prevention training, and has worked with sexually maladaptive behaviors. Amanda is a member of the Indiana Counseling Association. Amanda became a counselor because she has a passion for advocating for, and reducing the stigma associated with mental health and addictions.

Trista Marsden

Case Manager

Trista was born in Huntington and moved to Fort Wayne in 2001. She is married and has two amazing children, a boy and a girl, the best of both worlds.

Trista has been exposed to alcoholism/addiction from an early age. She started using at a the age 12, and after 10 years of failed attempts at detoxes, halfway houses, IOP, OP, counseling, and twelve step programs something finally stuck. Trista is in long term recovery and thankful for the opportunity to work at Fort Wayne Recovery to help people in a field she is very passionate about.

Connie McDaniels

Case Manager

Coming Soon

Kelby Thiebaut

Director of Admissions

Kelby grew up North of Fort Wayne in a little town called Angola, Indiana. Addiction has affected several generations in her family, and she has been surrounded by it throughout her life.

Kelby has been inspired by loved ones lost to substance use, not only to break the cycle, but to break the stigma of addiction, and has dedicated her personal and professional life to helping those who struggle. Kelby spends her free time at home with her daughter, and enjoys photography. She believes that if you work hard enough for what you want, nothing is beyond your reach!

Dani McGuire (Vani)

E-RYT, IAYT, Yoga Therapist

As a youth, Dani(Vani), suffered with chronic allergies, asthma, and digestive issues. As a young adult she developed eating disorders, anxiety, and depression.

At the age of 19 she discovered healthy eating to help with some of her physical ailments and yoga as an alternative method to treating her mental/emotional symptoms. Eventually she was able to rely on yoga therapy and ayurveda to stop and reverse the progression of her mindbody illnesses.

Dani went on to become one of the first 200 hour certified yoga teachers in the area, work for neurosurgeon, Dr. Kachmann, and continue her training in yoga therapy and ayurveda. Since then she has had over 2000 hour of training in yoga therapy and has developed her own method of teaching, Sattva Vinyasa as well as one of the first Accredited yoga therapy program in the world by the International Association of Yoga Therapy(IAYT). Dani published her first book, The Path of Joyful Living: cultivating mindful action through yoga, October 2018 recording some of her personal struggles, and the mindfulness methods that have helped her and others heal.

Michel Holland

Group Facilitator

Coming Soon!

Erica Stader

Admissions Coordinator

Erica grew up in Losantville, Indiana and graduated from Hagerstown Jr-Sr High School. She struggled with addiction since age 18. Erica tried many times to quit using on her own but it never stuck, until she moved to Fort Wayne and started working a twelve step program. Now she has two beautiful baby girls and is passionate about helping people in early recovery. Being able to work at Fort Wayne Recovery is a dream job for her.

Whitney Hobbs


Whitney was born in Warsaw, Indiana and has spent most of her life in Kosciusko county.

Whitney is an active member in her recovery community & is grateful for the opportunity to gain control of her life.

She is passionate about recovery, fitness, & spending time with her family.

Paula Perez


Paula Perez was born and raised in Fort Wayne. She went to Homestead High School. By the time she graduated, drugs and alcohol were a regular part of her daily life. Her descent into addiction would last roughly 20 years. She tried to find relief and greener pastures in different relationships, familial changes, and new locations. The real problem followed her into every new setting, herself. In 2004, in an attempt to help a loved one find treatment, Paula was introduced to twelve-step recovery. That began a new way of life for her. She was a mother of a middle school student when she began her recovery. Today she has four grandchildren. Joining the team at Fort Wayne Recovery has been a great fit combining the principles of recovery that she has carried with her since 2004 and her new career path.

Zach Dawson


Zach was born and raised in Fort Wayne. Growing up Zach loved to go hunting and fishing with his family and friends. He graduated Leo Jr. Sr. High school in 2008, it was during his high school years that he fell into the use of drugs and alcohol. Zach was referred to the the Allen County Drug Court program after run ins with the law and over 15 years of drug use. There he successfully completed drug and alcohol classes as well as moral recognition therapy (MRT) treatment. He also learned how to work and complete the 12-step program of AA and NA all while working his program still today. After graduating the drug court program Zach came to Fort Wayne Recovery to give back not only to the community of Fort Wayne but the same people who also helped him along the way.

Robert Wertz

Maintenance Technician

Robert Wertz was born in Indiana and raised all over. He graduated from Valley High School In Las Vegas, Nevada. He served in the U.S. Army and received a bachelor’s degree in Environmental studies and Biology from Manchester University. He has struggled with addiction since he was a teenager. It wasn’t until he completed treatment at Fort Wayne Recovery that he was able to stay sober and realize his true potential to work with others struggling with addiction. He is married and the father of 3 wonderful kids.

Robbin Young-Gaston


Gaston native of Fort Wayne, Indiana. Received an Associate degree in Office Management from Indiana Vocational Technical College. Moved to Fort Lauderdale and stayed there for several years where I got married, had 2 kids. Obtained Bachelor degree in Professional Management from Nova University while working for the State of Florida Department of Health Human Services. I returned to Fort Wayne with my family to care for both parents. I continued my education and obtained my MBA from Indiana Wesleyan University. I have worked in Public Service for 18 years. Elementary through middle school I grew up in a neighborhood where there was alcoholics, drugs, and prostitution. At the age of 5, while my parents worked I was left in the care of a very nice disabled woman, however oftentimes I ended up taking care of her. Together we kept each other safe. It was at that time I realized that I didn’t want to be like many things I saw in the neighborhood. My Mom and sitter would often tell me I didn’t have to be like the bad things I saw. That I could choose what I wanted to be or do in life. My parents and siblings helped me understand consequences of choices and that has helped me through life and I have tried to share the same with others I have a passion for helping others, mentoring, organizing and managing. I enjoy working, but do relish quiet times of reading, cooking, family, and traveling. All-time favorite place to be is anywhere warm near a beach, or lake front.

Micky Hall


Micky was born and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana. After struggling with mental health issues and addiction for 10 years he went for treatment in Michigan in 2015 and has been sober since then. He’s active in the local AA community. Micky has a bachelor’s in urban planning from Arizona State University and would like to continue his education in social work. Micky is grateful for the opportunity to work at Fort Wayne Recovery and help others in their own recovery and wants to continue to learn and grow in this field.

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