Family Services at Fort Wayne Recovery

Family Services at Fort Wayne Recovery

Family plays a huge role in recovery, and it’s one of the most crucial support systems a person can receive during and after their treatment.


Every Thursday at 6pm and every Friday at 5pm, we host a Friends & Family Workshop to answer any questions that you have about treatment, the Fort Wayne Recovery program, levels of care and more.

Our Thursday meeting is hosted virtually and our Friday meeting is in-person at Fort Wayne recovery. (We do not meet if the meeting day falls on a holiday.)

The workshop is open to anyone who wants to attend. But you must register in advance. Learn more and register at the link below.


Substance abuse causes tremendous stress on a family, and people often find themselves emotionally closed off from their parents, siblings, spouses, and even their own children.

Recovery is about so much more than helping a person stop using drugs or alcohol. Recovery restores connection and intimacy, rebuilds trust, and helps family members reunite after being torn apart by addiction.

At Fort Wayne Recovery, along with our partner, Allendale Treatment, we offer treatment modalities that allow patients and their families the opportunity to begin healing together.

We believe that the family must be treated and nurtured as a system; each member has a unique role that services an important purpose. Understanding these roles makes it easier for each member to assist the individual in their recovery journey.