The first step in getting help for addiction is admitting that you have a problem. Once you check into rehab, you have the support and resources available to help you work through that problem. You’re secluded from the outside world and instead, you’re surrounded by people who only want to see you succeed. It’s a great way to get you on the right track for recovery.

The struggles almost always come after rehab. You’re faced with all of the temptations and struggles of the outside world. These are often the struggles that helped to drive you to addiction in the first place. Luckily there’s always hope. For those wondering what are the hardest parts about staying sober after rehab, there are many. Luckily with the proper support system and mentality, you can remember why you’re getting clean in the first place.

Facing Peer Pressure Head On

One of the biggest struggles facing recovering addicts when they leave rehab is having to face their family and friends. As much as you want to believe that everyone will be supportive and ready to see you succeed, that’s not always the case. Family members sometimes turn their backs on addicts, especially if they don’t believe a person is truly clean. They might have been burned too many times before or simply don’t think you’ve changed. It’s not up to you to try and change your mind. Continue you to work on yourself and they’ll come around if they truly love you. There’s no sense in getting worked up over people’s opinions that you can’t change.

It’s also hard for many recovering addicts to come face-to-face with their former friends. Sometimes, these are friends who are also addicts. You need to evaluate each individual friendship and decide whether it’s in your best interest to continue a relationship. If you have friends who are still using, it may be time to cut ties until they are in recovery themselves. Otherwise, it’s too much stress and pressure to be around them and live a clean lifestyle. Peer pressure is real and it’s hard for anyone to find themselves confronting the very thing they’re trying to stay away from.

Letting Go of Your Former Life

When you’re out of rehab, you’re faced with your former life. No longer are you in a place where you have that support system and structure to help you stay clean. In the real world, you’re back to the reality of facing demons each day. It’s hard for many to let go of their former life and accept this new way of living.

If you have to go back to life the way it was before rehab, here’s how you can acclimate better into a sober way of living:

  • Go to meetings, spend time with those in recovery
  • Don’t put yourself in situations involving drugs
  • Focus on a positive hobby such as reading, writing, exercise, or art

Dealing With Stress in a Positive Way

Everyone has their own reasons for becoming addicts. It can be family history, lifestyle, or stress. If you’re someone who deals with stress, it’s important to identify that. Is work causing you to stress out? Are you in a toxic relationship? Are you having financial struggles? If you identify one of those as a problem, it’s time to face it head-on. There are always ways to change the situation you were in prior to rehab.

If stress causes you to use, then you need to take care of yourself. Find the source of the stress and find a way to fix it. Cut toxic people out of your life, take some time to relax, and remember that where you are isn’t where you have to end up. Instead of using again, you can find a way to handle your stress. There are options out there and people willing to help. If you ever are faced with a craving, you can call a counselor, a trusted loved one, or someone else who is clean. They will help you work through the stress and the cravings.

Overall, recovery is a process. There is no one step solution even though rehab might feel like that when you’re in. When you get back out into society, you’re faced with new struggles. Each day, you have to remind yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing. You have to remind yourself of how far you’ve come. You also need to be honest with how far you still need to go. As long as you can work through addiction one day at a time, you’re on the right path. If you ever need help or a listening ear, our counselors are available 24 hours a day. Call 833-762-3739.

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