When alcoholics mix together into a relationship, a codependent partnership to chase and drink alcohol cancels much better experiences couples could otherwise have. It is possible for two people who are ready for change to get sober without breaking up. In fact, sobriety is exactly what alcoholic relationships need to truly discover the partnership’s potential and mitigate problems that cause breakups. Don’t fear you will break up automatically when you and your partner get sober. Instead, view this life change as a fresh start and good fortune to have a close teammate in your sobriety journey. Your relationship should become stronger than ever when the right attitudes, friends and habits replace alcohol.

Alcohol-Free Relationships Are Wonderful

Two people do not need alcohol to fall in love, build a partnership and enjoy a happy life together. Every day, countless new romances start and long-term relationships continue without any alcohol involved at all. So there is certainly a high possibility you will not break up with a partner just because you both get sober. However, the caveat is both partners must treat their alcohol addictions and commit to sober living going forward. Everyone’s drinking problem and recovery strategies are different, although it is never wise for a recovering alcoholic to hang around an alcoholic. You can’t turn your life around and then stay close to someone who remains a heavy drinker, or vice versa.

Break Up With Alcohol, Not Your Relationship

Alcoholism treatment and recovery are actually collaborative, team efforts. Family, friends and romantic partners must all join the effort to help an addict through the major life change. Success rates improve when alcohol and drug addicts have a support system of sober, clean-living loved ones with professional counselors involved in a hands-on capacity. Formal treatment options include inpatient and outpatient rehab centers with medically-supervised withdrawal, nutrition and therapy modalities. Sober houses give alcoholics a quiet, healing retreat from the outside world full of its risky triggers and tempting moments to drink. The many positive outcomes of sobriety you can expect include:

  • More energy, better sleep and less depression
  • Motivation to return to education, career and financial goals
  • Excess weight loss or necessary weight gain with better overall nutrition
  • Improved communication, mood and outlook in all relationships

A Sober Relationship Is a New Relationship

An alcoholic relationship may have started off without excessive drinking and come to that over time, or it could have only started because two people loved to drink. Days and nights spent drinking might feel like fun for awhile, but at some point the negative consequences will emerge. Alcohol lowers inhibitions as it increases poor judgment. This combination leads both addicts to financial problems, disinterest in romance and even confrontations. The stress and cost of being in an alcoholic relationship will ruin it. It’s a huge leap forward when one or both of you has a wake-up call and wants out of the downward substance abuse spiral. One partner’s sobriety may be the intervention the other needs to see the light, so both will enter a new life together. Though it won’t always be easy, a new chapter awaits both of you and it helps when the one you love most is your biggest support.

Be mindful that addiction recovery will require some adjustment. Patience, trust and good communication will create a safe space for your brand new relationship to grow. Two people who had an alcoholic relationship which became a safer, sober one should expect a roller coaster of emotions while they build new life. You will be fine in your relationship when you stick to clean fun like exercising together, cooking nutritious meals and spending more time with loved ones who do not drink.

There is help and hope wherever you may be in your addiction, treatment or recovery goals. If you love someone who needs that help with you, then turn to professionals for guidance on how to get your partner on board. Our compassionate counselors are available to give you encouragement and help you overcome alcohol addiction 24 hours a day. Starting is as easy as calling 833-762-3739.

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