Will My Union Insurance Benefits Work for Going to Detox?

Before addiction was discovered to be a disease, workplace insurance benefits did not even consider covering addiction treatment. Fortunately, science and individuals who suffered from addiction and lived to tell about it have revealed the truth about addiction being as much of a disease as cancer of heart disease. Addiction being established as a legitimate disease has propelled most health insurance plans to cover addiction treatment to some extent. If you are a union member, you most likely receive better job health insurance benefits than people who work non-union jobs. Your union insurance benefits may cover a higher percentage or more than thirty days of treatment, which is more than the coverage most insurance plans provide for addiction treatment.

Detox is the first step in the addiction recovery process. If you have been using drugs and/or alcohol for an extended period, your body’s new homeostasis has become having the drugs and/or alcohol in its system. If you stop using the substance abruptly, your body will react. Withdrawal is the array of symptoms you will experience when your body is not receiving the substance (e.g. vomiting, shakes, high blood pressure, rapid heartrate, anxiety, and depression). Some withdrawal symptoms, especially alcohol withdrawal symptoms, can be fatal. You should go to a licensed detox to ensure that you will have a safe, comfortable withdrawal. Often, there are detox centers within inpatient treatment centers, and detox is your first stop before moving into inpatient treatment. There should be a 24/7 medical staff to perform a variety of duties to get you through detox.

• Monitor the status of your condition.
• Provide necessary drugs (e.g. medicine to lower blood pressure, medicine to lower heart rate, ibuprofen, suboxone, potassium, etc.).
• Help you arrange your meals so that you receive adequate nutrition while going through withdrawal.
• Counsel you through the psychological symptoms.

Detox falls under the umbrella of addiction treatment; therefore, your insurance most likely covers it, especially if you have union insurance benefits. Insurance typically covers at least thirty days of inpatient treatment because that is the length of time it takes for your body to detoxify itself of the substances. You should contact your insurance company to inquire about the specifics of your individual plan regarding coverage for addiction treatment.


Using Health Insurance for Addiction Treatment

Recovery is priceless; however, addiction treatment centers need funding to pay their staff, upkeep their facilities, and render amenities for their clients. The majority of people do not have the money for high-quality addiction treatment; therefore, they resort to their health insurance.

Health insurance has helped many people go to high-quality treatment centers who otherwise could not afford to. However, there are many limitations to using health insurance for addiction treatment.

• Partial coverage. Many plans will not cover the entire cost, so many people have to pay high co-pays. There are some plans who may not cover any of the cost until the deductible is met.
• Only thirty days of treatment covered (research shows 90 days or more is needed for optimal success).
• In-state treatment centers (being far away from the place that you were active in your addiction would be more beneficial for your recovery).
• In-network treatment centers, which may be a limited array of options. You can still go to an out-of-network treatment center, but you may have to pay more and have less benefits (e.g. a longer stay).

Using health insurance to pay for addiction treatment may save you money, but it may also make going to the best treatment center more complicated. Recovering from addiction is a life and death situation, and life is something that should not be skimped on for the financial reasons.

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