Will Long Term Treatment Centers Let You Bring Your Things from Home?

As long-term treatment centers tend to have programs lasting several months long, these centers often do allow patients to bring some of their belongings and creature comforts from home. Essentially, these treatment facilities are patients’ new homes over the course of their treatment. While each facility may have its own rules regarding specific belongs, there are things that are true for all individuals that are preparing to go to treatment.

Bringing Your Belongings to Rehab

The most universal guidelines for what belongings are allowed during your stay at rehab include everything from clothing to toiletries.

Here’s what you need to start packing as you prepare to receive treatment at a rehab facility:

  • Clothing

The rehab center of your choice will likely have specific rules about what patients should and shouldn’t wear during this stay, be sure to look at these rules before packing your clothes. Ideally, you’ll need to bring enough clothes for a full week as well as sweaters and the like so you can layer if the weather is colder.

Choose clothes that you feel the most comfortable in. As you will be in unfamiliar territory in the treatment facility, these clothing choices should be ones that make you feel at home. Additionally, only bring clothes that are easy to clean and care for.

Be sure to pack appropriate clothing for recreational activities as well. Many centers have gyms and encourage patients to participate in physical fitness. Bring the proper shoes and workout gear so you’ll be ready for this.</li>

  • Toiletries

Basic toiletries like soap, toothpaste, a toothbrush, and shampoo are examples of toiletries that you should bring. As you should try to bring anything you typically use in your daily routine, remember to leave any perfume or mouthwash at home as these contain alcohol.

  • Important Documents

Even though you’ll be staying at this facility for several weeks, you do need to have a form of identification with you. Other important documents that you should bring include your insurance cards, prescription cards, and some form of money like your checkbook, credit card, debit card or cash.

  • A Phone to Call Home

While many rehab facilities don’t encourage their patients to bring electronics, they should have a way to reach out to their loved ones. In many cases, patients should bring a list of important phone numbers, addresses, and names that they can use when they get the chance to call home. In some cases, a calling card may be required in the event that you are staying far away from home.

  • Medications

Over-the-counter medications should be left at home, but if you have specific prescriptions that you need to take regularly, bring them. Ensure that these prescriptions are in all of their original packagings. For liquid medication, you need to bring some that are sealed and new.

Items that Rehab Centers Don’t Allow

Though each facility has its own list of banned items, there are certain things that one should never bring to rehab. As you finalize your packing and preparation, be sure to never include the following:

  • Games or sporting equipment

While you may be worried you’ll grow tired of the treatment facility since you will be staying for a series of months, most rehab centers don’t allow patients to bring outside equipment or games. For the most part, these rehab centers already provide patients with enough entertainment to satisfy them during downtime.</li>

  • Alcohol and Drugs

This one may go without saying, but many patients try to sneak in paraphernalia when they start treatment. While this often stems from a valid fear of withdrawal symptoms, drugs and alcohol are never allowed at a rehab center.

Afraid of going cold turkey? Speak with the doctors in charge of your treatment program. Oftentimes, doctors will treat these intense withdrawal symptoms using medication. </li>

  • Cosmetics that Contain Alcohol

While you may not consider the alcohol content in nail polish remover and nail polish, the fact is that any product containing any traces of alcohol are never allowed. </li>

  • E-cigarettes or Vapes

Though some people may be under the impression that they can wean themselves off their addiction through e-cigarettes and vapes, this isn’t appropriate for rehab.

  • Weapons, Sharp Objects, and Pornographic Material
  • Drinks and Food

Other items may or may not be allowed by certain facilities. Be sure to ask whether or not you can bring a cell phone, computer, tobacco, bedding, or disposable razors. If your facility of choice doesn’t allow these items, it’s for good reason.

Long-term treatment facilities try to limit what belongings are allowed so you can get the best care possible. Learn more about what is required of you as you prepare for rehab by talking to any of our counselors at 833-762-3739.