Will a Drug Rehab Facility Do Random Drug Tests?

Drug rehab centers help with all manner of addictions, to alcoholism and benzo addiction, to severe heroin and meth addiction. The outcome of all drug and alcohol abuse is the same road. Some roads just take a little longer to get to the end of, but they inevitably do end, and they end in a tragic way. Potential residents of detoxes often wonder about the possibility of being drug tested during their stay in a drug rehab facility. The answer to that question is that all rehab facilities have different drug testing policies, but the answer is most likely yes, there’s a good chance that you’ll be randomly drug tested during your stay in a drug rehab facility.

Your next question might be, “Why do drug rehab centers perform random drug tests?” That answer is best explored in more depth below. The short answer is that drug rehab facilities have a responsibility to both workers and clients. A drug-free environment is a safe environment, and any type of drug coming into detox or residential facility would be a breach of safety and confidence. As a result, these facilities keep out drugs in every way possible, including the random drug test that might expose a resident who’s using.

It’s All About Trust

Drug rehab facilities must be able to trust their clients, and those clients must by extension trust the workers who are in the facility. Without that trust, no true good can come to the residents or the workers. Maintaining a drug-free workforce, as well as a drug-free population of recovering people, is what it’s all about, and part of that mission is making sure that everyone there is drug-free. To accomplish this, sometimes a drug rehab facility may perform random drug tests on all residents at once, or if they suspect a particular resident is using, they may drug test that person at any time. Random drug testing is not an invasion of privacy, as any results are kept confidential and will never go outside of the rehab walls, but it’s a fight against the invasion of drugs. As much as facilities wish it weren’t true, there are some residents who will give in to their addiction and attempt to use in a rehab facility. It’s here that professionals must step in.

Methods of Drug Testing

By far the most common method of drug testing used by drug rehabs is the urine test. A 12-panel screen is often used by rehab centers in an effort to make sure that no drugs were brought into the facility. It’s not anything personal against residents or that they don’t trust you personally. It’s that some residents, unfortunately, have very powerful cravings and will once in a while attempt to use while in treatment. It’s vital to remove these types of people from recovery, as they are not quite ready to accept the sober life. Protecting and encouraging the sobriety of all residents is one of the top responsibilities of a drug rehab facility. Random drug tests allow them to fairly test residents for drug use in a way that’s confidential and beneficial for all involved. As long as you haven’t used anything, these tests will mean nothing at all, just a short part of your stay that results in a sense of pride because you passed the test. It takes mere minutes to have the test, and then you’re done.

Getting Help

Not all drug rehab facilities drug tests. Be aware of this, and make sure to ask if you are in any doubt about the drug testing policies of the center. Most centers today do test, but some have less thorough tests than the 12-panel test, and not all rehab centers test for alcohol or nicotine either, but some do. If you’re in any doubt about which drugs your prospective rehab center tests for, don’t hesitate to ask. All rehab centers are there to put you at ease about your accomplishment of choosing recovery. Just thinking of going into a drug treatment facility is a noble and courageous step forward into a better life. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day to answer questions about random drug testing at our facility or any other question you might have about your upcoming recovery. It’s going to be an inspirational one thanks to our dedicated and compassionate counselors. If you’re ready to recover, just give us a call whenever you’re ready at 833-762-3739.