Why Getting A DUI Might Be The Sign You Needed To Get Help

You thought you had it under control. Your drug or alcohol use was only recreational. You could quit anytime you wanted. Getting pulled over by the police told a different story. Being charged with a DUI made it even worse. Not only are you at risk of losing your license, there are hefty fines waiting for you. Take a hard look at what put you in this situation. The source of your addiction was too great of a temptation. Your lack of good judgement led to driving at a time when you were a danger to yourself and others. If you ever needed a wake up call, this is it. It’s time to reach out and ask for help to get clean and sober.

You Don’t Control Your Addiction. It Controls You

When it gets to the point that it isn’t possible to get through the day without the source of your addiction, you’re in trouble. Getting a DUI only proves that point. Take it as a blessing in disguise. It’s making you stop and look at your life as well as what direction it is headed. Continue on the path you are on and only more trouble lies ahead. It’s time to find a solution. Recovering from addiction is not for the weak at heart. It’s going to take strength and a support system.

Take a Team Approach for Recovery from Addiction

Going it alone hasn’t worked out so far. It’s led to trouble with the law. It’s opened the door to endangering others. It’s put your life on the line. The moment you got behind the wheel while you were under the influence of drugs or alcohol, your world turned upside down. If you want to stop this roller coaster ride and get back on solid ground, you need to turn to professionals who understand the recovery process. Remove yourself from a negative situation. Leave temptation outside the facility. Open your mind and your heart to the possibility of freedom from addiction. Staff members will work together with you to make it happen.

Travel the Path to Recovery One Step at a Time

When you enter an addiction recovery program, expect the following:

  • An evaluation
  • The creation of a personalized plan of action
  • Detox
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Introduction to coping skills that are positive
  • Additional support once you leave the program

Recovery is a process. There will be bumps in the road. You may take two steps forward only to take three steps back. Support from medical staff in an environment that is removed from negative influences can give you the push you need to be successful. That DUI wasn’t the end of the world. It was the beginning of a brighter future. Remember that while undergoing the treatment process.

Your Progress Will be Monitored Closely

While undergoing treatment, counselors and staff will be keeping close tabs on your progress and mindset. If at any time, you are at risk of falling into drug or alcohol abuse again, you will have someone that you can connect with in order to stay strong. While undergoing treatment, staff members and fellow participants in the program are in the same boat. They’ll listen. They’ll share their experiences. They’ll offer you a hand to hold when you need ti most.

Take the Opportunity to Rebuild Your Life and Relationships

When addiction sets in, it doesn’t leave room for anything else. You haven’t been able to take care of your responsibilities or anyone. You haven’t even been able to take care of yourself. By choosing to enter an addiction recovery center, you’ll be proving that you want to get better. Your well-being will become the top priority. Day by day, bit by bit, you will regain control. Find your way back to yourself. Build bridges that will take you back to loved ones in your life. Talk to your employer about your journey to sobriety and ask for the opportunity to prove yourself. Take the recovery process and turn it into something positive.

Find Out How Addiction Recovery Can Turn Your Life Around Today

Our counselors are waiting to hear from you at 833-762-3739. We are a resource you can count on as you seek out the right location for addiction recovery that is a good fit for you. That DUI may have stopped you in your tracks. Now it’s time to get moving again as you steer your way to recovery from addiction.