When Is Out-of-State Rehab Better Than Local Rehab?

If you’re struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, the most important thing you can do for yourself is to decide you’re ready to get help. This step requires honesty and bravery, and you should feel proud that you’ve made it. Once you decide to get help, your next decision is where to get it. Some people prefer to get treatment locally while others go out-of-state. There are compelling reasons for both.

Going to a local rehab facility makes it easier to maintain ties with your friends, family and support system. It also makes it easier to get them involved in the treatment process. Your insurance carrier may prefer you go to a local rehab, and doing so enables you to continue receiving outpatient support, if offered, after leaving the rehab facility. There are just as many compelling reasons, however, to journey to another state.

When to Go Out-of-State

The road to sobriety is a long one that requires you to make many mental shifts and changes in your thinking. Some people feel that embarking on a physical journey is a great way to symbolically help prepare themselves for the mental journey ahead. The physical journey helps these people make a clean break with their addiction. The trip becomes a tangible and important reminder of how far they will go. There are also more practical reasons to travel for rehab. If you’re debating whether to stay or go for rehab, consider these reasons why heading out-of-state may be good for you.

Finding Your Best Match

Recovery doesn’t lend itself to a one-size-fits-all approach. While certain recurring themes and strategies appear time and again in different programs and rehab centers, no two people are the same. Some people, for instance, rely on faith to help them battle addiction while others take a more secular approach. Certain facilities take a natural or holistic approach to addiction treatment. Others take a more clinical approach, prescribing medications to help residents detox or combat anxiety. Consider your lifestyle, as well, when choosing a facility. If you’re a country girl, going to rehab in a bustling city may stress you out. It’s important that you find a rehab center that fits your unique needs and works well for you. In treatment, you’ll learn strategies to help you overcome your addiction, and you’ll carry these tools with you for the rest of your life. If the facility that seems to fit you best is in another state, don’t hesitate to make the journey.


Unfortunately, society at large doesn’t always understand the complexities of addiction or its status as a disease. If you’re trying to keep your illness on a need-to-know basis to protect your job or your family, going to rehab out-of-state may work best for you. Information about the time you spend in rehab and the treatments you receive there is, of course, confidential. It’s possible, however, that you could encounter someone you know if your rehab center takes you on a trip or you happen to know the mailman who delivers to them. If this is a concern for you, local rehab isn’t your best option.

Getting Some Distance

Many people find that certain people, places and situations trigger their drug and alcohol use. For them, getting sober requires a change of environment. Putting some distance between you and the places where you use may help you focus on your treatment and resist the siren song of your addiction when it calls to you during treatment. Some people get help out-of-state and then go back home better able to face their old life. Others leave rehab and start fresh in the same area, staying physically closer to a new life and those who helped them build it.

Eliminating an Easy Out

You can overcome addiction, but it takes hard work. In rehab, you’ll have good days where you feel ready to take on the world. You’ll also have some tough days where you think about throwing in the towel. This is perfectly normal and understandable, but acting on the desire to quit is quite detrimental. It’s also harder to do when you go to rehab out-of-state. Arranging a ride, plane ticket or other traveling requires much more effort when you’re further from home. As such, going to rehab out-of-state can give your loved ones and your rehab counselors time to help you overcome y0ur bad days and see the treatment process through. Addiction is a difficult foe and one that you’ll need help to overcome. It’s important that you get that help, no matter where you choose to receive it. If you’re ready to do battle, we’re ready to help. Call us today at 833-762-3739 for help getting on the path to sobriety.