What Rights Do You Have When Receiving Treatment at Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers?

One of your biggest concerns about going to an alcohol and drug rehab center may be that you might have to give up your personal rights. While the admissions process does require you to accept living with a few rules, the reassuring truth is that you still have the benefit of knowing that your rights must be upheld. For instance, you should be able to leave the facility at any time provided that you are not required by the legal system to stay. You can also expect to know that your physical and emotional needs are met.

Being admitted to a professional treatment program can sometimes make you feel like you are giving up many things. You may have to leave your home to stay at a residential treatment facility. You might have to leave your family and friends behind for the moment while you focus on your sobriety. In some cases, you may even need to take a temporary leave of absence from work or school so that you can spend time in the rehab program. The good news is that all of these things are temporary, and going to rehab helps you to keep them when you are finally able to stay sober. You can also expect to continue to enjoy these rights while receiving treatment at alcohol and drug rehab centers.

The Right to Stay in a Safe Environment

Your personal safety is important, and you need to be in a secure environment that allows you to relax and focus on getting sober. Most alcohol and drug rehab centers serve people from all different walks of life, which means that you can expect to spend time with people who may have different beliefs or lifestyles from yours. Typically, it is enlightening to get to know people from different backgrounds, but your rehab center will also have guidelines in place to help everyone get along.

For instance, your rehab center may use security systems to make sure that only the residents and authorized staff members can get into the facility. This allows you to receive your services with full confidence in your safety. You can also expect to be treated with respect by the other residents. If things get heated, counselors and other staff members quickly step in to resolve any conflicts that might arise. You may also be protected emotionally by guidelines in your therapy sessions such as using only positive language to share ideas along the other people in your group.

The Right to Have Confidential Information Kept Private

Although there is no shame in seeking treatment, you may have privacy concerns. Many people work in high profile careers or live in communities where they may not want everyone to know that they have struggled with a drug or alcohol problem. Your addiction treatment is covered by the same laws regarding privacy and confidentiality that govern any type of health care. This means that your information is only provided to the people who have a valid reason for needing it such as your insurance company. An addiction treatment facility will not give your information to your employer or family members without your consent.

You’ll also find that a professional alcohol and drug rehab center takes additional steps to protect your privacy. The staff may only refer to you by your first name or one that you asked to be called in front of the other residents. You will also be asked to protect the confidentiality of the other people in your treatment program by refraining from discussing what happens in group sessions with people who are not in the facility.

The Right to Receive Professional and Effective Treatment

Your decision to enroll in a treatment program is an act of trust. Once you walk through the doors, you have the reasonable expectation of receiving professional services from competent members of the treatment team. Your right to high quality addiction treatment is upheld through the provision of services that include the following:

  • a personalized initial assessment of your physical and mental health
  • comprehensive treatment methods that include group and individual counseling
  • after care planning to prevent relapse.

During your stay, you can also expect to be treated with professionalism from the staff. Your counselors understand that the things that you discuss in your counseling sessions are very personal. No matter what you say, you have the right to be treated with respect, compassion and understanding. While it is rarely needed, you can also expect to have the right to report any misconduct upheld as you move through the program.

You can always expect your rights to be upheld in a reputable addiction treatment center. Are you ready to find one? Reach out to our team to find a program that treats you with respect – contact us today 833-762-3739.