What Qualifications Do I Need to Work at a Indiana Drug Rehab Center?

The Indiana drug rehab and treatment facility community wants more professionals than ever to work with recovering addicts during treatment and beyond. Recovering addicts need withdrawal support, mental health services and social welfare assistance. To offer a dutiful and passionate hand in this effort, your qualifications must include state licensing for some jobs with a passion to help people essential for all drug rehab work. Social work counseling in Indiana drug rehab centers requires a degree and license or clinical training hours to partner in private practice. People who want to work in drug rehab long-term and for a living put years of work into this rewarding goal. However, other roles are available in drug rehab centers and just as critical to the addiction fight.

Qualify for Counseling Jobs and More Drug Rehab Work

All drug rehab centers depend on counselors to develop close, supervisory relationships with a caseload of clients in various stages of addiction. Some addicts arrive to inpatient centers in acute stages of withdrawal and distress. Some come by legal orders. Even in elective outpatient rehab and sober houses, it is counselors who join the healthcare team to become their primary support system. Counselors motivate addicts to continue, push through setbacks and plan post-addiction lives with lowered relapse risk. You arrive to work knowing you will help someone and you leave knowing society is a much better place for your work. The vulnerable cases you would manage and high needs addicts have for their counselors require you to meet stringent guidelines to do drug rehab counseling in Indiana.

  • The Indiana Professional Licensing Agency is the official qualifier for drug addiction counselors and every Indiana drug rehab counselor must have one of their licenses.
  • Licensed Addiction Counselor (LAC) jobs require a bachelor’s degree in psychology, counseling or a relevant field.
  • The Licensed Clinical Addiction Counselor (LCAC) job requires all of the above with a master’s degree in a human services field. The extra education and experience qualifies you to go into private practice and possibly direct a treatment facility.

Other Drug Rehab Careers

Drug rehab centers need healthcare workers to attend to medical consequences from drug use and withdrawal. These include drug use-induced heart conditions, dehydration and stomach troubles. Your job as a Registered Nurse (RN), Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)) and Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) would help make sure recovering addicts are okay. While all these jobs require state licensing, nurses must have two to four years of nursing school. Drug rehab centers give a home away from home to patients and residents, so a complex web of center staff work around the clock to keep them comfortable. Administrative assistants, activity coordinators and receptionists are some drug rehab jobs you do not need formal licensing to work. Food is indispensable to rebuild mind and body health for addicts, and Indiana requires a Certified Food Manager (CFM) course if you want to direct meal services.

The Most Important Qualifications

Degrees, training hours and work experience do not matter if professionals in an Indiana drug rehab center lack heart and goodwill. You must have a high level of responsibility and desire to look out for others, as well as remain flexible with your job description. Most states such as Indiana require mandated court reporting for school and social workers, so you would be required by law to report suspected child abuse in your caseload’s families.

Such a scenario is just one example of the endless times you will have to think on your feet to work in Indiana drug rehab centers. A central qualification you need is maturity, since a treatment center’s goal is not to keep people helpless as permanent residents of the center. You would join a team who wants to see every case get better and move on with life, so, unfortunately, you will learn to say goodbye even when you have strong bonds with people you support. These wide options cover people of all education, background and professional levels. One of our passionate counselors can help you decide how Indiana drug rehab centers could use your career interests and experiences, so call now 833-762-3739.