What Mental Health Services Will an Alcoholism Treatment Center Provide?

Alcoholism is a debilitating and deadly disease that impacts millions of individuals and families across the country, sometimes resulting in death. Seeking help for alcoholism is not always easy, especially if you have struggled with your addiction throughout your entire life or if you are unsure of where to begin. If the focus on your mental health is a top priority during your recovery program, it is essential to seek out an alcoholism treatment center that is capable of providing the mental health services you require to move forward on your journey to sobriety. With the right treatment center and mental health services, feel comfortable and confident in moving forward while steering clear from the use of alcohol at all times.

Mental Health Services Available With Alcoholism Treatment Centers

There are many mental health services provided by alcoholism treatment centers, especially for individuals who are seeking an inpatient care facility. Alcoholism treatment centers that provide inpatient care also offer the following mental health services for those in need:

  • Case Management: A case manager is assigned to each individual in need of care at an alcoholism treatment center. Work with your case manager to discuss any specific needs you have for various mental afflictions or ailments you have been diagnosed with in the past.
  • Dual Diagnosis: Whether you are struggling with diagnosed or undiagnosed mental illness, dual diagnosis is imperative. Dual diagnosis services are offered with inpatient alcohol treatment centers. With dual diagnosis, work with a doctor to determine which method of treatment for your alcoholism is right for you. Dual diagnosis services are optimal for anyone suffering from depression, anxiety disorders, or other mental health issues, disorders, or ailments.
  • Monitored Detox Programs: Alcoholism is not only harmful to relationships and lifestyles, but it can also quickly become deadly as the disease progresses. If you have a serious or life-threatening physical dependency on alcohol, a monitored detox program is imperative. Monitored detoxing ensures the health and wellbeing of your body as you work through the detox and withdrawal stages of recovery.

Why Consider an Inpatient Alcoholism Treatment Facility

Choosing an inpatient alcoholism treatment facility is a way to take advantage of an environment that is safe, healthy, and free from drugs and alcohol. Steer clear of the temptation of alcohol by surrounding yourself with professionals and other individuals who are also interested in remaining clean and sober. An inpatient center also provides individuals with more time to set not only short-term goals, but also long-term goals for themselves, even after they have completed their chosen or designated inpatient rehab program. For individuals who are searching for a comfortable, safe environment that allows them to work through the recovery process in peace, an inpatient rehab center is likely right for you. individuals who already have a great support system in place or have already completed an inpatient rehab treatment program may benefit from additional outpatient and intensive outpatient rehab programs.

Benefits of Inpatient Centers vs. Outpatient Programs

Comparing both inpatient centers versus outpatient programs can help you to decide which rehabilitation service is optimal for you and your needs. Consider the benefits of choosing an inpatient center over an outpatient program to help with finalizing your decision:

  • Zero-Tolerance Policies: An inpatient rehab center will enforce a strict ‘zero-tolerance’ policy for all staff members and individuals in need of care. No one is permitted to own or consume alcohol and other substances within and surrounding the facility itself.
  • Long-Term Stay: Most programs offered from inpatient rehab centers typically last 30, 60, and 90 days, which is ideal for those who have set long-term goals for themselves.
  • Counseling and Therapy: Counseling and therapy are mental services provided by inpatient treatment centers. Meet regularly with an addiction counselor while also learning how to open up and communicate with others struggling with alcoholism. Share your story, learn to listen, and learn to better empathize with others around you who may be suffering in similar situations.
  • Aftercare Resources: For additional mental health services and emotional support, inpatient rehab center provide an array of aftercare resources or outpatient programs for those who have completed their inpatient stay.

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