What Does a Typical Drug Treatment Facility Look Like?

Dealing with the fear of the unknown helps you to break through one of the biggest barriers to getting help for your addiction. It can feel scary to go somewhere that you’ve never been before, and you may be worried about having to stay in a place that resembles a sterile hospital environment. You may also be curious if drug rehab is really like it is portrayed on the movies, or you might just be concerned about your privacy. These are all normal questions and concerns to have. Asking these types of things is a sure sign that you are ready to seek treatment, and finding out what a typical drug treatment facility looks like helps you picture yourself in a supportive environment.

The first thing that you should know is that drug treatment facilities are not all the same. For the most part, they can be divided up into the categories of residential, outpatient and partial treatment programs. The appearance of a facility will depend greatly upon the types of services that they provide. For example, an outpatient program will not have a need for bedroom spaces for the people who seek treatment. However, you can expect that most facilities will have similar set ups that are designed to create a calm and comfortable atmosphere that helps you focus on your recovery.

Can Other People Tell That a Building is a Drug Treatment Facility?

Many people have concerns regarding their privacy when they enter a drug treatment facility. Rehab programs are aware of this, and you will find that most facilities have a fairly generic appearance. On the outside, it may just look like an office building or medical complex. Although there may be a sign with the name of the program on it, you should find that it is fairly discreet and that most people will not notice who goes inside of the building.

Some drug treatment facilities look more like a home or a hotel from the outside. Depending upon the location, there may be features such as a porch where people can gather and enjoy the outdoors. There may be a sitting area in a garden or even a swimming pool outside.

What Is the Inside Like?

The inside of a residential treatment facility will have bedrooms available. These may be private or shared spaces depending upon your living arrangements. Some facilities also have private bathrooms located in the bedrooms along with restrooms located in common areas. You will also find public living areas where you can sit down and get to know the other guests. Dining halls or cafeterias are also common that may have meals prepared by a cook, or there may be a kitchen area that allows you to participate in cooking some of your own meals.

Your treatment facility will also have areas that are designated for the elements of your rehab program. For instance, there will be private offices that allow you to speak with your individual counselor in a confidential environment. Larger rooms may be used for group counseling sessions where you can learn from the experiences of other residents. Once you’ve entered rehab, you will find that it is easy to get around the facility, and it does not take long to learn where everything is. In fact, you’ll likely feel like you are in a familiar environment since everything is set up to be cozy and comfortable.

<h3>Are There Other Amenities?</h3>
Drug treatment facilities tend to have other amenities available that are designed to help you develop a sober lifestyle. For instance, a swimming pool helps you to strengthen your body and enjoy a full workout that helps to alleviate anxiety and other withdrawal symptoms. You might also find a gym is included in the building layout that allows you to begin developing a workout routine that you can follow once you return home.

Healthy lifestyle activities such as yoga and meditation are often encouraged in rehab. You may find special rooms dedicated to these activities, and you may find outdoor areas that are developed to invoke a sense of calmness such as a garden. Libraries, arts and crafts rooms and basketball courts are a few more types of amenities that can be found in some facilities.

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