What Are Rehab Scholarships

Finally making the decision to seek help gor your addiction is a wonderful step towards creating a healthier and better life, but people are haunted with the question of “How am I going to pay for this?” This can be one of the main barriers that stop people from getting treatment. Standard drug treatment programs can cost you thousands of dollars every month. This can be extremely overwhelming for someone with no assistance.

Your first option may be through private insurance. Insurance companies are required to offer coverage for addiction recovery thanks to the Affordable Healthcare Act. How much coverage they offer depends on your treatment plan. However, you may not have insurance or your insurance may not cover the entire cost of rehab. In many cases, you will have copays, coinsurance, or a deductible fot any services you receive. Normally, the lower your monthly insurance payment is, the higher your deductible and copay may be. This is where rehab scholarships become an extremely helpful tool.

With a rehab scholarship, the rehab program waives a portion, or sometimes all, of the treatment costs for someone who can’t get help. Rehab scholarships are typically need-based scholarships. Only people who have no alternative, like no insurance, no resources, no assets, or no credit, are considered for the scholarship. Also, rehabs tend to set aside a certain portion of income for scholarships every year. This means that you may be offered a scholarship only if that money isn’t already dried up. It is important to do your research on the rehab program you are looking to join; not all rehab programs offer scholarships.

How To Find Out About Rehab Scholarships

In order to find rehab scholarships, you should search online for rehab scholarships in your state. Then, you can call the facility to see if they still have money available for the year.

How To Apply for Rehab Scholarships

This may depend on thr specific program. Some programs have someone who can take your application over the phone, some offer ways to apply online, and some require that you apply in person. Whatever the situation is, be prepared to tell your story, explain your situation, talk about personal, financial, and insurance information. Scholarship funds will be limited, so they will want to be sure they are guving it to people truly in need of it. You must show that you are dedicated to yout recovery process. Unfortunately, you must be prepared for rejection. Rejection is also a possibility with any type of scholarship and you may have to hear a couple of “no’s” before a “yes”.

There are also many nonprofit organizations that have funding available to provide addiction treatment to those without any other option. Nonprofit rehab program may offer another affordable option for treatment. Nonprofits usually receive funding through grants, scholarships, and money raised to help the cause. Nonprofits offer inpatient and outpatient settings for short term or long term treatment. Nonprofit rehabs do have a waiting list. You will most likely be required to providr evidence of income to showbyour need for low cost treatment. Sadly, many people may not qualify for nonprofit rehabs, because their income is too high, but that doesn’t mean your should ignore them as a possible option for you.

What Are State Funded Programs?

The good news about state funded rehab programs is that they are made to provide treatment for those in need with no other choice. However, with good news comes some bad news. There is a very large demand for the state funded programs and the waiting list can be long. Also, if you are looking into state funded programs, you may not have a latge sum of choices. It is a first come first serve situation and you will have to take what is offered to you.

If you are truly committed to your recovery and a better life, there is money available. You will have to be willing to to search for it and exercise patience along the way. Remember to maintain a positive mindset and don’t give up. All of this work is going to be worth the wait in the end. We dedicate ourselves to helping people break their addictions and get their life back on track. If you are ready to begin your journey, give us a call. Our counselors are available to assist you 24 hours a day at 833-762-3739.