What Alcohol Treatment Resources Do You Have in Indiana?

Seeking treatment for an addiction to alcohol is not always simple, especially if you are unsure of the type of treatment plan or facility you need to truly overcome your struggle. Learning about both the inpatient and outpatient treatment programs available in Indiana is a way to discover a plan of action that provides the best possible outcome for your life.

Inpatient Rehab Centers

Inpatient rehab centers are optimal resources for those struggling to overcome a severe addiction to alcohol. With an inpatient rehab facility, individuals are required to live on the premises of the center itself throughout the duration of any set program agreed upon or put in place. With an inpatient rehab center, take advantage of a plethora of resources and activities available to help overcome your addiction to alcohol.

Detoxing Programs

Inpatient rehab programs are ideal when they provide the ability to detox once you are enrolled and living at the facility itself. Detoxing programs offer medically-supervised detoxing for individuals who have developed a severe and potentially life-threatening addiction to alcohol. Due to alcohol’s abilities to trigger adverse and life-threatening physical side effects during the withdrawal process, a detoxing plan is essential. Feel relaxed and at ease when you are in the hands of medical doctors and specialists who primarily focus on addiction and detoxing from manifested withdrawal symptoms.

Dual Diagnosis Plans

Once the detoxing process is complete and your body has recovered from potential withdrawals, a dual diagnosis is made. Dual diagnosis services are recommended for any individual who has struggled with a severe addiction. With a dual diagnosis, discover potential underlying mental health issues or undiagnosed conditions you may be struggling with in addition to your addiction to alcohol. Underlying and undiagnosed mental health issues are extremely prevalent in those who are struggling with an addiction of any kind, which is why dual diagnosis services are imperative.

Therapy Solutions

Once you are enrolled in an inpatient alcohol treatment center and your detoxing process is complete, therapy solutions become available. Both individual and group therapy are provided with inpatient alcohol treatment facilities. Individual therapy is ideal to learn more about the causes of your alcoholism while working towards a suitable plan of action to help reshape the course of your future.

Additionally, group counseling sessions are also available for those who are in need of socializing and getting to know others who are facing similar addictions. Group therapy provides a platform that is judgment and guilt-free, allowing you to express yourself openly and without the fear of feeling shamed. Having a safe space to turn to is extremely beneficial throughout the treatment process when overcoming an addiction, especially if you have struggled to remain honest in the past.

Environmental Benefits

Inpatient treatment resources also provide zero-tolerance environments, necessary for those who have a history of falling for the temptation of alcohol. Living in a zero-tolerance environment is not only healthy physically, but helps to keep the mind focused on other building blocks of life. Reshape your current lifestyle and dedicate more time to building and cultivating relationships. Focus on building skills and working toward personal and professional goals. Dedicate time to your career and your future once your inpatient alcohol addiction program is completed.

Outpatient Rehab Programs and Treatment Options

Outpatient rehab programs and resources range from individual counseling to group therapy and AA meetings.

Individualized Counseling and Therapy

Attending individualized therapy weekly, bi-weekly, or at least once a month is beneficial once you have completed an inpatient treatment program. Share your struggles regarding your addiction and how you are working towards facing and defeating obstacles and challenges in your life of sobriety.

AA Meetings and Group Therapy

Attend group therapy sessions and AA meetings to find a sense of commadre among others who have faced alcohol addiction. AA meetings are highly advisable when you have had difficulties remaining sober even after completing a 30, 60, or 90-day rehabilitation program designed to treat the long-term effects of alcohol addiction.

While overcoming an addiction to alcohol is never easy, it is possible with the right resources and a helping hand. Working together with an inpatient facility or an outpatient treatment program is the first step to take in order to truly regain control over your future and your destiny.

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