Watering Plants, Feeding Pets: Who Do You Need to Call Before Going to Addiction Rehab?

After deciding to enter an addiction treatment center, one of the next big considerations is how to get your affairs in order prior to your stay. This in itself can seem overwhelming to someone already in a stressful situation. You need to consider some things within your household (Who will water your plants or feed your pets?) as well as outside (How soon will you inform your employer?). We’ve compiled an exhaustive list to help you cover your bases so that you can focus on your health.

Caregiving Obligations

Whether you are a parent to children, caring for an elderly or disabled relative, or even a pet parent, those you care for are likely the first thing on your mind when you imagine yourself leaving for a treatment center. You might ask yourself, “Who will care for the ones I love?” It’s best to get the details of who will provide care while you’re gone squared away as soon as possible. If you are a caregiver, its likely one of the biggest aspects of your life. Once you can figure out a solution, whether that’s a pet sitter or another family member to stand in, be sure that you will rest a little more easily leading up to your departure date.

Professional Obligations

Thinking of how to tell your employer you’re going to be entering an addiction treatment center can feel tough or even embarrassing. However, you must remember that if you are valued as an employee, your supervisor will want you to take the time to care for your health. He or she will likely realize what an investment in your health a treatment center stay is and be onboard with getting you on the road to well.

It’s important to tell your employer as soon as you have made plans to enter a treatment center, so that your workplace can figure out how to best manage your absence. Remember, there are legal protections for full-time workers who have been in their positions for at least a year.

Under the Family Medical Leave Act, these workers are granted 12 weeks’ leave from work per year to recover from a serious medical condition. In addition to your professional obligations, it’s important to consider your financial ones as well before entering a treatment center. Whether you set up automatic bill pay or get a friend or relative to take care of your bills while you’re away, make sure things will still get paid for while you’re gone.


If you like, before entering an addiction treatment center, you can contact those supportive, positive people in your life and have a chat or enjoy some time together. Even though this might seem like an overwhelming time with plenty of tasks to take care of, stopping for a moment and meeting up with people who care about your wellbeing will put you in an excellent mind frame before heading into an addiction treatment center. Spending time with these friends or family who value and support you on the road to better health will bolster your confidence and resolve to make the most of your stay in an addiction treatment center.

In addition, you can let your loved ones know why you’re entering treatment and share your goals for when you return home. In this way, they are able to assist you with accountability once you’ve completed the program. Making the decision to enter an addiction treatment center is a huge one, and likely the best way to take care of your mental, emotional, and physical health. This step will improve both your life and the lives of those who love you. The days and weeks leading up to your departure may well feel like an overwhelming time filled with too many things to take care of, but you are up to the task!

Try to focus on being in the present moment by giving your full attention to the tasks you’re working on in the days leading up to your stay. In this way, you can be both fully prepared to enter an addiction treatment center, as well as less focused on the stress of the unknown in the future. This can feel like a very stressful time, but rest assured that the choice to get and stay sober is the best one for yourself and your loved ones. Call us at 833-762-3739 today.