Using Your Health Insurance for an Opiate Addiction Rehab In Ft. Wayne

Opiate addiction has affected all walks of life across America. The fact that the everyday parent, business executive, or honors student can become addicted to opiates has illuminated the fact that addiction in indubitably a legitimate disease. Just like all other diseases, addiction requires treatment. Rehab centers render treatment for the physiological and psychological aspects of addiction.

Unfortunately, American healthcare has become dictated by health insurance. Whenever people become afflicted with a physical or mental health issue, the first question that is raised is whether their insurance will cover the necessary treatment. Though addiction is being more accepted as a disease, coverage for addiction treatment is still ambiguous when it comes to most insurance plans.

If you are interested in going to an opiate addiction rehab in Fort Wayne, Indiana, your first step should be to contact us at Fort Wayne Recovery. The specifics regarding coverage for addiction treatment varies per health insurance plan.


Contacting us and asking a representative about your individual plan is the only way to know for sure how much coverage you will receive for a Fort Wayne rehab center.

Health Insurance May or May Not Cover the Amount of Time that You Need in Rehab

Having health insurance does not mean that you are out of the woods regarding paying for treatment. Recovery from addiction is an extensive process that happens in phases.

• Acute Adjustment (30 to 45 days)
• Physical Healing (30 to 90 days)
• Psychological Healing (More than 90 days)

Some individuals may complete these phases in more or less time than the average.

Health insurance companies tend to only cover the acute adjustment phase because that is when the substance is detoxified from the body. They fail to understand that recovery is much more intricate than getting the substance detoxified from the body.

A study that was conducted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) showed that individuals who stayed 90 or more days in rehab were 22 to 43 percent more likely to become employed after their stay in treatment than the individuals who stayed a shorter duration in treatment. Another study that was done on individuals who were mandated to go to rehab to keep their job showed that those who went to treatment for 90 days or more were 90 percent successful at achieving long-term recovery.

Even though you have health insurance, you will most likely have to pay out-of-pocket to stay the necessary amount of time in rehab. There are multiple sources you can turn to for help funding your necessary duration in rehab (e.g. scholarships, haggling with your insurance company, personal loans, employer, family, friends, government, etc.). The cost may seem daunting, but you need to keep your eyes focused on the long-term. A life of recovery is worth every penny.

Fort Wayne Recovery is a clear choice if you are interested in a rehab center in Fort Wayne, Indiana. They treat drug and alcohol addiction in adults.  They accept most major insurance plans (e.g. Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Magellan, and United Healthcare), so you will most likely be able to use your health insurance to help pay.

The staff works by the philosophy of “A True Devotion to Addiction Recovery.” They go beyond providing quality, advanced treatment by assisting their clients in finding a residence and employment along with practical skills, spirituality, and their holistic health.

If you or your loved one is struggling with addiction and is interested in a rehab center in Fort Wayne Indiana, call us at 574-337-8643.