If I Am in a Union, Can I Get Drug Counseling Help?

If you are union member, you can receive a lot of help for addiction treatment. Unlike an at-will employee, you can not be terminated at any time with or without cause. The union protects your job under most circumstances, and the more seniority that you have under your belt, the more immunity you have against being terminated. Therefore, you do not have to worry about losing your job for suffering from addiction.

An additional benefit to being a union member is that you receive better health benefits than many non-union workers. Most health insurance plans are covering addiction treatment to some extent these days; therefore, your union benefits will almost definitely cover your drug counseling help to some extent .

The immunity and superior health benefits that you receive from being in a union make it possible to receive drug counseling help. You should consult with your union, human resources, and/or health insurance company to find out the specific job protection you have and coverage you can recieve towards addiction treatment.

Why Inpatient Treatment is a Better Option

The fact that addiction does not discriminate is being disseminated; therefore, outpatient and intensive outpatient (IOP) programs are becoming more prevalent. Though the target market of these outpatient addiction programs is becoming working adults who cannot attend inpatient treatment, these outpatient programs are the most effective when they are utilized as a requisite for inpatient treatment.

Research has proven that 90 or more days of inpatient treatment produces the highest success rates. There are many psychological reasons behind this proven theory.

Being Away from Relapse Triggers

Classical conditioning is a learning process that has do with association. For example, you always used drugs at your kitchen table. Over time, you have associated your kitchen table with drug use. Even after being sober for a period, you crave drugs when you see and/or sit at your kitchen table. Being in an inpatient rehab enables you to be away from most relapse triggers during the early phase of your recovery, which is when you are most vulnerable to relapse.

Structured Environment

When you are in an inpatient rehab, you are in environment where you adhere to a daily schedule, are constantly being bombarded with recovery-related and therapeutic material, and the chances of being able to obtain drugs and alcohol are slim. If you were attending an outpatient rehab, you would have to go home and deal with relapse triggers and stressors before your next session. Relapse would be significantly more likely because you would be able to easily obtain drugs. Many recovering individuals feel tempted to give up on the intense days in treatment. Being in a structured environment, preferably far away from home, make it more complicated to give up. If you were in an outpatient program, giving up would be much easier because you could simply not go back.

Provides Physiological and Psychological Treatment Simultaneously

Addiction is a physiological and a psychological disease; therefore, medical and psychological treatment are required for effective treatment. Once you stop using, you will experience withdrawal symptoms, which can be excruciating and even fatal. If you are in an inpatient rehab, the first step will be to safely and comfortably get you through withdrawal before moving on to the psychological aspect of treatment. If you attend an outpatient rehab, you will have to make arrangmenets to detox in a separate entity from your rehab (e.g. hospital, at-home detox team, and stand-alone detox center), which may be more complicated and expensive.

Little to No Distractions

Inpatient rehab centers typically have a policy that you cannot keep in contact with your family, friends, or anyone else on the outside world for a period of time. The reason behind this common policy is to keep you from getting distracted with the issues going on in the outside world (e.g. family drama, friend’s problems, work challenges, etc.), which may deter your recovery.

The Right Rehab Fit for You in Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne Recovery is a reputable addiction treatment center that is located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. They offer different programs that cater to people’s varying needs for addiction treatment.

Their staff is devoted to helping you heal from addiction and begin your new life of recovery. They not only hav a well-trained medical staff and use evidence-based treatment during your stay, but they also help you make aftercare arrangements that will help you achieve optimal success. Call them today at 574-377-8643