Signs That You Might Need To Seek Drug and Alcohol Counseling

If you’re regularly using an addictive substance, you may think that you can handle it. You may think that you can stop at any time, but if you’re addicted, it’s highly unlikely that you will be able to stop without help. Addiction is bigger and stronger than you are. If you ever do attempt to stop on your own, you will discover this fact for yourself. This article will cover some common signs that your drug use is careening out of control. No distinction will be made between drugs and alcohol. Alcohol is a drug, period. It may be legal and more socially acceptable than an illicit drug like heroin, but it’s still a drug.

  • You drive or have driven a car while intoxicated

If you have operated a motor vehicle while you are anything but stone-cold sober, even just once, that is a sign that your drug use may be out of control. It indicates careless behavior that occurs when you aren’t thinking clearly. It also puts innocent people in harm’s way. A rational person would consider the fact that they would have to drive home before taking that pill or drink. Did you?

  • You have health problems resulting from your drug use

Your drug of choice is making you sick, perhaps seriously. Yet, you don’t stop. Enough said.

  • Your family and friends have expressed concern and asked you to stop

The very people closest to you have begged you to get help. Yet, you ignore them. Is that logical behavior?

  • You’ve been arrested

Perhaps you got a DUI. Perhaps you were caught with an illegal substance, or you were caught stealing to pay for your habit. You’re facing serious legal consequences, and you still don’t stop. This one is a major red flag.

  • You’ve lost your job or dropped out of school

It’s very difficult to keep a job or stay in school when you have an addiction. The addiction takes up most of your thoughts, and there is little mental energy for anything else. You just want to go out and seek out more drugs, not stay at work as a useful employee. It’s near impossible to concentrate on schoolwork when drugs are foremost on your mind.

Addiction Will Ruin Your Future

Untreated addiction issues will cause you endless misery. Self-medication for emotional pain is not the answer. You may be young now, or not, but either way, you have a future to consider. Youngsters tend to think that tomorrow will never come and issues such as money for retirement will not affect them. This kind of thinking is foolish and eminently untrue. Everyone will face that issue one way or another someday. Planning ahead helps to secure your future.

Addicted persons don’t plan ahead beyond the effort needed to obtain their next dose. Their whole existence revolves around getting their drug of choice. They will expose themselves to great danger and risk arrest. Once you have an arrest, especially for felony charge, you have just about eliminated any chance for a decent-paying career.


We live in a computer-age world where there is virtually no such thing as privacy. It’s shocking what an employer can find out about you. You will not be able to hide an arrest and certainly not a conviction. Your only chance would be if the employer doesn’t check, but in this Homeland Security environment we live in today, this is quite rare. Nearly all employers conduct some sort of pre-employment background check, and this will nearly always include a criminal record search.

Some states, such as California, limit these criminal checks to convictions occurring in the past seven years. That’s better than nothing, but how does someone get a job meantime? How can you live without an income for seven years?

If you’ve ever thought of teaching, medicine, nursing or any career involving a professional license, you can forget it if you have a felony. Most of these licenses require that you have no indication of moral turptitude. A felony will disqualify you from a professional license in nearly all, if not all, states. You cannot be a prison guard or police officer with a felony, either.

Get Help While You Can

If you see yourself in this article, or if you already know that you need help, don’t hesitate. If you haven’t yet been arrested, take advantage of that. You can still have the career you want. No one has to know that you’ve had an addiction problem or that you have been to rehab unless you tell them so. Honestly, those facts are best kept to yourself. Many people may not understand and may judge you.

We won’t judge you. If you’re ready for rehab, we are ready to help you find the right facility for you. Call us 24 hours a day at 833-762-3739. Our trained staff will help point you in the right direction.