Signs That You Might Need Drug Addiction Help

It is not easy admitting to having a drug habit as most addicts refuse to believe that anything is wrong with them and pretend like everything in their life is going great. They just want to be left alone and tell other people to mind their own business while wallowing deep in depression and getting high just to feel better, but never seem to reach that first high’ they had. This type of thinking causes issues because the person psychologically psyche themselves out and constantly lie to themselves every single day, which is why they keep running into trouble.

Why continue stealing from people to feed an addiction?

Why continue being afraid of becoming sober and living a happy, productive life?

Why continue staying afraid to admit a problem exists and seeking the proper help?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking for help, everyone does it!

Physical Health Deterioration

If the person’s physical health is slowly deteriorating to the point they are no longer the beauty queen or football jock, then that is a clear sign they might need drug addiction help.

When scars and burnt marks are imprinted all over the body, especially on the arms where the ligament bends, tips of fingers that grips the drug paraphernalia, and lips that used to smoke the illegal narcotics, along with piles of dirt spots and itchy rashes from neglecting personal hygiene are also clear signs help is needed immediately.

Moreover, if the person is constantly falling down the stairs or in the bathtub injuring themselves because they are high, losing a sense of balance, and needing to constantly go to a hospital, which puts more law enforcement attention on their constant drug abuse, then that is a clear problem.

Mental Health Deterioration

This one is tricky because most addicts abuse drugs to make themselves feel good. Therefore, a sober reality is an uncomfortable one, especially when the person needs to endure withdrawal symptoms.

Another sign if the person starts hallucinating, constantly accusing others of things they did not do, and believing their thought processes are right, although the evidence shows they are wrong, and continue to think the way they do by coming up with different scenarios to prove their imbalanced philosophies. Normally, if others tell that person they are going crazy and the drugs are messing up their minds, usually that is a great sign drug addiction help is needed as well.

Social Deterioration

If the person in question is mapping out a plan to steal stuff just to fuel an addiction that could get them put in jail so they can get high for the night is a huge problem. In jail, the addict will be forced to go through withdrawal symptoms with no help in an unfavorable environment that is highly dangerous during a detox episode. On the flip side, if the person in question is constantly getting their stuff stolen because they are in a drug-induced trance, completely oblivious to what is going on around them in the world, then that is a clear sign they need some professional help.

Another bad sign is if the person is willing to do anything, including sexual favors for their next hit.

Moreover, if the person’s reputation is slowly deteriorating to the point word gets back to them that they are a drug addict and people constantly pushing that into their face daily is a good sign help is needed. People, for the most part, are smart and knows when a person has a drug problem. Keep in mind the whole world can pick up on it. Normally, the person will make things worse by trying act normal, but people can look past the facade.

Moreover, if the family is getting affected by the person’s drug abuse. If the person is not spending quality time or getting into arguments about money, is a clear sign help is needed. Moreover, if the kids are left to fend for themselves and domestic abuse is normal in the home, professional help is needed so trust can get restored.

However, there is a glimmer of hope.

The person should get help at a luxury rehab facility with counseling services that have semi private rooms, natural outdoor seating areas, indoor lounge areas with televisions and games, and a group setting to talk about problems. Moreover, there is a staff of highly trained detox professionals who understand the needs of a person trying to recover. They know exactly what to expect when a person starts getting agitated and vomiting. The facility helps soothe the process of getting cleaned, which is necessary for self-sufficiency and re-learning everyday skills to merge back into society, and become a better human being.

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