Should You Travel to Indiana for Alcohol Treatment?

If you’re seeking alcohol addiction treatment for yourself or a loved one, you may be wondering if you should choose a nearby facility or one that is more distant, possibly even out of your home state. If you live in the Midwestern region of the country, you may have thought about going to a drug rehab facility in Indiana. Should you travel to Indiana for alcohol treatment? This is a matter of personal preference more than anything else. However, many people find it helpful to attend a substance abuse treatment center in another state. This is because your current environment, including your residence and neighborhood, are full of triggers. Triggers are factors that cause someone to want to use their drug of choice. For example, as you walk or drive past your favorite bar, you may suddenly experience a craving for a drink that wasn’t there a moment ago. Friends that you often drink with can be triggers, too. You likely do a lot of your drinking at home alone. This means that your entire residence is full of reminders that urge you to drink.

Here are a few reasons to consider when you’re thinking about attending a drug rehab facility in Indiana:

  • You can keep your treatment confidential
  • There won’t be any distractions
  • You will escape the powerful force of triggers
  • You can’t easily leave treatment if you get discouraged


You should be commended for seeking treatment for your alcohol addiction. However, many people in your life may not see it that way. They may judge you and treat you differently when you’re back from treatment. They may spread rumors and talk unkindly about you behind your back. Not everyone will do this. Some will support you, but you may want to avoid the problem by keeping your treatment between you, your close friends and your family. No one else needs to know. You may also be concerned about the people close to you. For example, you may not want your child’s teacher to know about your alcohol problem. You don’t want people staring at you when you attend the next PTA meeting. Your child’s teacher isn’t part of your recovery process. There is no need for he or she to know. Perhaps you can arrange for an absence from work without telling your employer the real reason. If you’re out of the state, your secret is safe. Not all employers will understand that addiction is a disease. They may find a reason to fire you down the line. Your co-workers could find out, too.

Drug rehab treatment is a very personal thing. If you’d prefer to keep your alcohol problem a secret from people not close to you, that is your right. It makes sense, too. Although you could probably attend a nearby treatment facility without anyone knowing, there is always the chance that someone may see you somehow. When your family comes to visit, someone may see them and figure it out. You can largely avoid these scenarios by attending drug rehab far from your home. Remember, by federal law, all personnel at any drug rehab facility must keep your presence and other information about you confidential. They’re not allowed to tell anyone. No one will ever find out that you were at a drug treatment facility from the people who work there.

Fewer Distractions

If you attend a rehab near your home, just knowing that family and friends are nearby is a distraction. It’s easier to concentrate on your recovery when you’re in a new environment. It’s easier when familiar things are far away. When you’re trying to recover from substance abuse, it’s not productive to be concerned about what may be going on at home. These concerns will be less when you’re not so close by.

Easier Compliance

Drug detox and rehab are tough. It’s a rigorous process. Many people become discouraged at some point in their treatment. This is normal. Some people may become so discouraged that they want to quit. If you entered the drug rehab voluntarily, that is, not because of a court order, then you are free to leave at any time. The facility cannot and will not attempt to physically stop you. They will try to convince you to stay, but if you still want to leave, they must let you. If you’re in a rehab hundreds of miles from home, it will not be so easy to leave. You can’t just call for a ride or hop on the bus. Leaving a distant rehab will likely require a convoluted process that will take some time. You may have to call family members. They will certainly try to talk you out of leaving early. This will all take time. In the interim, you may change your mind.

If you’d like help with finding an Indiana alcohol drug rehab facility, we are here to help. Our trained counselors will be able to help you find the best treatment facility for you. Just call us at 833-762-3739 – 24 hours a day. We look forward to helping you take that first step to a new life.