Recovery Center in Fort Wayne for Union Workers

Labor unions are established groups of workers who work in a common industry (auto workers, steel, welding, construction, food, teaching). Being a part of a labor union comes with many perks.

• Better health benefits than those that are offered at most workplaces.
• More vacation time.
• Safer work environments.
• Better wages.
• Better retirement benefits.
• Perks with seniority.
• Fair hiring and firing practices.

Providing help for addiction treatment goes along with the better health benefits, safer work environment, and fair hiring and firing practices aspects of being a part of a union. Since the health benefits provided by union jobs are better than most, you would be more likely to have a significant amount or all of the cost covered for a recovery center in Fort Wayne, Indiana. You may also have a longer duration of treatment covered than the duration of time that is covered by most insurances, which would be more than 30 days. Any decent workplace knows that having sick employees and/or employees who are under the influence of substances makes the work environments unsafe, so helping with addiction treatment is making the work environment safer for the entire workplace. A workplace would be viewed as unethical if it fired an employee for having cancer or refused to hire an employee based on having cancer. However, there is potential for a workplace to do that, but labor unions try to guarantee that their employees will not face such hiring and firing practices. To keep the work environment safe and remain unethical, providing addiction treatment allows for both goals of a labor union to be met.

If you are interested in going to a drug rehab in Fort Wayne and are a union worker, the process should be easier than it would be if your worked for a non-union workplace because your union perks will help you cover the cost and protect your job.


The Workplace’s Role in Addiction Treatment

Seventy-seven percent of addicted individuals are employed. Many workplaces have Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) to aid in the department of addiction treatment. EAPs provide:

• Outpatient treatment programs (e.g. individual therapy, intensive outpatient (IOP), etc.).
• Time off and financial assistance for attending inpatient treatment.
• Recovery resources .
• Group therapy and support groups.
• Therapeutic work environments.
• Urine testing facilities
• Authorized personnel who are knowledgeable in addiction recovery.

State and federal laws also protect employees who are suffering from addiction. Some states may have laws that an employer cannot fire an addicted employee without offering them treatment. The Americans with Disabilities ACT (ADA) prohibits an employer from discriminating against a prospective hire or employee who has suffered from addiction. The Family Leave ACT (FMLA) provides time off for employees to go to inpatient treatment. Under FMLA, the employer is not mandated to pay or keep the employee in the same position that they were in before they left, but the employer must have a position reserved for the employee upon return. You should check with your state’s law, company’s policy, and labor union’s policy to know what help you will receive from your employer for addiction treatment.
There may be some instances where you should not go back to your old job after being discharged from rehab.

• You often used or were under the influence at work.
• There are co-workers who used with you or were enablers.
• Your workplace tolerated substance use on the job or substance use was a part of the environment (e.g. bar, restaurant, or small business where people often drank at lunch).
• The environment triggers you to relapse.
• The workplace and/or industry you worked in caused you stress that contributed to the psychological aspect of your addiction.

Though money is important, your recovery and mental health come first. Many people who get into recovery often become employed in therapeutic environments or in the addiction industry to benefit their recovery and/or help them advocate for the cause. Some of the common positions recovering individuals go into are alumni coordinator, admissions, outreach, and substance abuse counselor.

A Superb Recovery Center in Fort Wayne

If you are a union member and looking to go to a recovery center in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Fort Wayne Recovery is an excellent option. The staff is genuinely devoted in helping the clients holistically during treatment and helping them develop an aftercare plan that will guarantee the highest chances of success. They accept most major insurance plans that your labor union most likely provides to you with your health benefits (e.g. Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Magellan, and United Health Care). They are also committed to providing high-quality, evidence-based treatment at a low cost.

If you, your loved one, co-worker, or employee are looking for a Recovery Center in Fort Wayne, call them today at 574-377-8643 to inquire entering treatment and/or ask general questions about addiction and recovery.