Addiction Treatment Programs at Fort Wayne Recovery

Our PHP clients have often transitioned to us from an inpatient or residential program for detox or 24-hour treatment and choose to progress to this more flexible level of care, as it continues to provide a high amount of structure and support, while allowingmore community interaction. Clients benefit from 5 hours of structure group and individual sessions from Monday to Friday. The program is offered on mornings and evenings to ensure each client is able to continue or find work and enjoy their recovery. You will be supported to stabilize symptoms, including cravings, emotional pain, depression and/or anxiety, as you transition to a lower level of care.

We provide regular, structured treatment while the client is able to continue in work, college, or other responsibilities. Clients typically attend 12 hours per week of group and individual therapy and addiction recovery support.

Once a client has managed to stay drug and alcohol free and the risk of relapse has reduced significantly, the goal of outpatient treatment is to continue a program of recovery with ongoing support.


We understand that recovery from addiction takes place not only at a deep level of healing, but also our clients need support to manage their lives and regain what has been lost. Our program, and therapists will work with each client to support them not only with high quality, masters-level therapy, but with housing, employment, life skills, faith skills and health and well-being. We wish to contribute to a new generation of recovery champions in Indiana, who are actively engaged in helping to strengthen the communities in which they live.

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