Overcoming Opiate Addiction By Going To a Drug Rehab Center in Ft Wayne

If you have fallen into the trap of opiate addiction, it is a struggle to climb your way out. Whether it began with morphine or codeine for medicinal purposes or illicit use with heroin, it has led to a major problem in your life. When opiates control you, all you can think about is getting your next dose. It’s no longer a matter of choice. You have to have it. Your addiction is ruining your relationships, your work, and your health. You know you need to turn it around, but you don’t know how. You can’t do this alone. You need help.

You’re Not Alone

Opiate addiction is a major problem. There are people of all ages, ethnic groups, and social classes that are experiencing the same problem that you are. For many, the journey into addiction began with a prescription to manage pain. For others, it was recreational use. No one begins taking opiates with the intention of becoming addicted, but these drugs affect the chemical balance in your brain. You don’t just want opiates. You need them to function. If you attempt to stop taking opiates on your own, it’s extremely difficult to resist temptation. Withdrawal symptoms and cravings are hard to overcome. You’re more likely to return to the source of your addiction. Your best chance for optimal results is to turn to a rehab center in Ft Wayne to begin treatment for your addiction.

Recovery from Addiction Can Happen with the Right Drug Rehab Program

Once you recognize that you have a problem with opiate addiction and you need help, turning to a drug rehabilitation facility can give you the tools you need. You can successfully overcome opiate addiction. Your recovery program will depend on you and your needs. You can expect:

• 30 to 90 days for an inpatient program
• Detoxification to rid your body of all traces of opiate use
• Personalized and group counseling sessions

When you first enter your drug rehab program, you will be thoroughly evaluated. Any underlying medical conditions will be taken into consideration. Staff members will pay attention to your mental and emotional state as well. Recovery professionals need to understand where you are when you begin treatment in order to get you to where you want to go at the end of your program. The main goal is to help you to find your way to a sober life that will last.

Get the Resources You Need to Succeed

When you attempt to handle your addiction on your own, you don’t have the necessary support system. From the moment you walk in the door of your addiction recovery facility, you will be surrounded by staff who want to help you to succeed. You will be placed in an environment that is removed from temptation, negative influences, pressure, and any sources of your addiction. Once you are completely cut off from opiate use, the detoxification process will begin. This is the stage when many people turn back to addiction when they are on their own. Your mind and body will continue to crave opiates. You will experience withdrawal symptoms that make you feel like you are ill. However, you will have compassionate caregivers who will help you through this challenging phase. You will be provided with food that will nourish your body. You will have the opportunity to rest. Once detoxification is over, your mind will be clear and ready to focus on your recovery. You will have treatment sessions that are one-on-one and group sessions to discuss your addiction. You will learn what you can do to deal with your challenges without turning to opiate abuse. By taking a team approach, you can win this battle.

Let Us Help You to Begin the Journey to Life without Opiates

Opiate addiction may be a dark cloud hanging over you, but it doesn’t have to follow you around forever. Our addiction treatment center is waiting for you to take charge of your life. It’s time to grab the wheel and steer in the right direction. Contact our helpful staff members at (574) 377-8643 to guide you toward the next step. We will be able to review our programs, discuss your insurance information, and advise you on when you can begin your treatment plan. Whether you join us for 30 days, you need 60 days, or 90 days are advised for you, remember that this is only a flash in time. Your recovery will give you a new lease on life.