How Do I Know If I Need Treatment for Drug Addiction?

Making the decision to go into treatment for drug addiction isn’t an easy one. To outsiders, it may seem like the simplest choice – what is there to think about? But to my fellow addicts, it’s a fear-inducing consequence of our bad actions.
The monkey on our back says they’re the problem, not us. It says if they loved us they wouldn’t ask us to change. That is why I’m speaking to you, the addict.
As a recovered addict myself, I work hard to help those who are tired of living with that monkey on their backs.

Who does addiction hurt?

Addiction is an inherently selfish act. Because of that, it’s easy to say that our addictions don’t hurt anyone but ourselves. We are able to convince ourselves that our addiction is only our own. No one else will be hurt by our actions. “It’s not hurting you, why do you care?” “I just do this to relax.” “I just need a little something to help me through the day.”
We constantly minimize the impact our addiction has on others and ourselves.
Our loved ones don’t understand why we’re pushing them away, that we’re angry and hurt and sick. They don’t understand why we don’t have time for them, only that we don’t want to be around them.

When should I seek help?

  • When you don’t like who you’ve become.
  • When you have to make the wrong choice.
  • When you have to lie or make excuses.
  • When you want to stop, but can’t.

The first problem that we run into as addicts is that we realize that we don’t really like who we’ve become. We get high or drunk and we have a good time, but the next time we’re sober, we take a look around and we wonder why we hurt the ones we love and why we aren’t taking care of ourselves. But then we chase the next high to chase those thoughts away.

One of the signs that we should kick our bad habits is that we start to make the “wrong” choice. I’m talking about when you have to choose between necessities and your habit. The baby needs diapers, the fridge is empty, the car needs gas, but we still find time and money for our addiction.

We start to lie and make excuses. They usually start out small, but they start getting bigger and bigger. We don’t want to have to explain where we were or what we were doing. We don’t want to have to admit that we were out indulging in our addictions. We will lie and make excuses to keep our addiction a secret, or to minimize how serious it is.

It’s time to stop is when you want to and you can’t. This is usually followed by a bottom, but it can take a while. I knew I needed to stop my addiction a year before I hit my bottom and was forced to get the help I had convinced myself I didn’t need. As addicts, we’re often faced with stigmas and prejudice that makes us reluctant to get help, even when we need and want it.

Why use a recovery center?

Too many of us decide to go through the recovery process on our own. It’s admirable, but it can be dangerous. It’s hard to go cold turkey, and with some drugs, it can be life-threatening. Here are just a few benefits of using a recovery center when getting clean.

  • Trained professionals can ensure that you safely detox from your addiction.
  • You will receive dedicated therapy and counseling.
  • You will be away from your triggers and friends who use with you.

Honestly, going away and getting clean probably only sounds good during your moments of clarity. We understand. There are a lot of excuses to not go. No one wants to be away from their friends, family, work, or home. But sometimes that’s what needs to happen for us to get better.
And if money is one of the excuses you have for not getting help, rest assured that we accept health insurance to cover your stay. We also work out financial assistance and payment plans on a case by case basis.

If you’re ready to get help, don’t make any more excuses. Contact us today and start the change you need in your life. We’re only a call away 574-377-8643