Is The Separation from Your Family Hard When You’re in Inpatient Rehab?

The fact that you’re considering inpatient treatment is an accomplishment noteworthy of praise. After all, the thought of moving away from one’s family at a trying time is often jarring. While the separation from your family can feel difficult when you choose inpatient rehab, you really need to take a more comprehensive look at the situation.

Factors to Consider

Moving away from your family for a period of time can feel overwhelming and frightening. To have these feelings is certainly not to fail in terms of your goals for sobriety. Instead of focusing entirely on these negative emotions, closely exam the larger picture. When it comes to your family and inpatient rehab, you need to remember several important points:

  • Going to rehab can improve your relationships with your family.
  • You can eventually return to your family.
  • Getting away from your current situation can increase your chances of success.
  • Your family members can visit.
  • Technological tools can help you to stay in touch.

Remembering these points and repeating them to yourself can help you to overcome the fear of separation and enroll in a program suitable for your needs.

Improved Familial Relationships

Chances are that your addiction has hindered your relationships with your relatives in some ways. Sometimes, addictions will lead to abuse. Your family members may have also spent countless nights wondering if you were safe and alive. It’s also possible that your relatives have suspected that you have had an addiction for some time now and have hoped that you would procure help. In any case, going to rehab can actually help you to build better relationships with your loved ones. Loved ones who support you are likely to feel positive about your decision to get help.

Returning to Your Family

You also must remember that inpatient treatment is not a permanent situation. One major goal here is to teach and encourage you to live outside of the rehab program and to avoid drugs and alcohol in this new life. Once you have completed the program, you can return to your family. Also, your relatives might have told you that you could not live with them anymore because of your addiction. Overcoming your addiction might mean that you can mend this broken bond and potentially move back in with your loved ones. Even if you do decide to pursue your own living space, knowing that this option is available and that you have regained your relatives’ trust is powerful.

Increased Chances of Success

Even if your relatives aren’t the ones tempting you into using drugs and alcohol, you can probably think of a number of factors in your current living situation that do. For example, you might live close to your drug dealer, or you might regularly spend time with a group of people who encourage you to drink. Getting away from these situations and these routines can seriously aid in your recovery. You can learn tools for handling these temptations so that you are prepared for your return.

Family Visits

If your family members are constantly visiting you, you then probably do not have the space needed to grow and develop on your own. Still, though, an occasional visit from loved ones can help to boost your mood and to remind you of the progress that you have made. Seeing the look on your loved ones’ faces when they realize how much you have changed can help you to achieve even higher levels of success in terms of your sobriety. Knowing that your family members can visit you also helps when you are coming to terms with the separation. In other words, the possibility of visits can be the encouragement that you need to sign up for an inpatient program.

Technological Tools

With all of the ways to keep in touch with people via technology these days, you really don’t have to worry about total and complete separation. Again, you don’t want to constantly be in contact throughout the day because acting in this manner can distract you from your recovery. However, knowing that communication is available offers a layer of comfort and support. It’s true that you will likely miss your family while experiencing inpatient treatment. However, this fact should not keep you from enrolling. You can build a community of support at the facility and return home to one as well. To get started, call 833-762-3739 today.