Is It Possible to Check-In Anonymously to an Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center?

Are you a politician, model, actor/actress, or hold some other prominent position? Seeking drug treatment when you have an important job is difficult. If something like this were to leak to the media or others, then it could destroy your career. You don’t have to be famous to want anonymity. You may want to keep things under wraps so that your family and friends don’t know where you are and why. One question that many of our counselors receive is if a person can check themselves into a rehabilitation center anonymously. Well, it seems easy enough, but many legalities come into play.

Rehabilitation Centers Provide Medical Treatments

A rehabilitation center provides medical care. Even if they don’t use medications to combat heroin and methamphetamine addiction, they still provide counseling and other services. In most cases, these services are billed through your insurance company. You will need to provide photo identification, insurance cards, and other documents to have your stay covered. Due to the amount of fraud found within the insurance system, you can expect your rehabilitation center is going to be picky about the admission process. Don’t feel like you’re being singled out as they must use extreme caution. If you checked in anonymously, you could use any name you wanted. However, the insurance company won’t pay for such schemes.

What If You Pay For Your Rehabilitation in Cash?

You’ve probably read a time or two that Hollywood’s elite checks into rehab centers anonymously. Remember, to believe very little of what you read. The center knows who they are, but it’s their job to protect them while they are in their care. If you pay for your stay in cash, you could negate the insurance company altogether. However, remember that these stays can be costly, especially if you opt for a medically supervised program. Still, according to laws regarding patient care, you must be upfront and honest with the center.

Your Privacy Is Protected Under HIPPA

All HIPPA laws regarding patient privacy govern the rehabilitation center of your choice. They are not allowed to release anything about you except by a court order or where required by law. When someone calls asking for you at the center, they will be told they cannot confirm or deny that you are there. They can say that they will take a message, and if you are there, they can make sure you get it. However, some won’t even take messages. It depends on the center and its policies. All these rules and regulations are to protect your privacy. Even if you are a governor or movie star, they won’t tell anyone your personal information. If a news crew comes with video cameras, then they will be asked to leave the facility. Some centers are more equipped to handle such situations better than others. Prominent individuals will need a private room as well as special considerations.

Seeking Treatment Outside Your Locale

Most people don’t want everyone knowing their business. You don’t need to be a star to want privacy. One thing that many families do to protect a loved one is to send them to a rehabilitation center that is away from their home area. If you live in Ohio, then going to Florida can put enough of a distance between you from your friends and family. It’s not uncommon for people to say they are on a business trip or visiting other relatives while getting treatment. Use your inner support circle to decide the best option.

Taking Care of You

You should never worry about privacy and other security concerns when checking into a rehabilitation facility. Allow the staff to do what they do best. They are there to make sure you are comfortable and get better. They won’t let your information leak to the outside. You should focus on getting better and not worry about such issues. If your position in life has caused you to seek drugs to cope with the stress, then maybe you should consider a new career path. What is driving your addiction? Society looks at prominent people and thinks that they have a perfect life and all the money they could want. However, they don’t see what goes on behind closed doors. These positions come with a hefty price tag, and many times they’re not worth it. Do you need help conquering your drug addiction? Call one of our intake specialists today to see how they can protect your privacy. They can help you find a location that has the amenities you want as well as the seclusion you need. Call 833-762-3739 today.