How Long is Rehab for Alcohol, and How Much Time Can I Take Off Work?

Addiction destroys lives each and every day. But seeing as though you are considering checking in to a rehab facility to better your quality of life, you are proving to be tougher than your circumstances.

The ultimate goal of rehabilitation treatment is to not only detox the body of alcohol and its harmful effects but also to relieve the mind from desiring to retreat back to usage. And while these goals are more than attainable, they will take a good amount of time to manifest. If you actively work a job, you may have concerns surrounding the length of a typical recovery program and how long your employer will allow for treatment. Here is what you need to know.

How Long Will It Take For Me To Conquer Sobriety?

Recovery can transpire within the first 30 days, or it can take 90 days or more. Though it may be easier to commit to a set period of time, the truth is, it varies from one case to the next. Humans are not built the same, and rushing the process is the equivalent of cheating yourself. Each case’s distinctive differences largely come into play when deciding how much treatment is truly needed to manage a full life of sobriety.

For example, an addict that walks into a facility and intends to be treated for a case of substance abuse that has ultimately ruled his life for the past 20 years may require a longer stay versus a relatively functional addict that still manages to fulfill his obligations and has only been introduced to alcoholism six months prior. The main point is, addiction looks different from person to person, and the nature of the treatment received must be an equal match for it to be effective.

How Long Will My Job Allow For Treatment?

While it is everyone’s hope to be gainfully employed at a company that values their employees and is supportive throughout life’s challenges, the unfortunate truth is, things aren’t always that smooth sailing. In fact, an employer has no real legal obligation to grant you time off for such a personal matter, even if it can greatly benefit them in the long run. As disappointing as this may be to accept, it is a fact of the working world. However, understanding that your sobriety outweighs everything at any given moment will allow you to make the decision that works in your best interest.

Though asking for an indefinite amount of time off to go through the full treatment process can go in your favor, it is wise to handle this issue tactfully and with great consideration as to what you may be revealing to your employer. If your boss has yet to notice that alcohol plays a key role in your current lifestyle, you may want to give thought as to whether or not your condition will be received well when brought to life because unfortunately, addiction of any kind can give others a reason to mistrust you and doubt your good word. However, when there is a fear of job loss, outpatient treatment is often the most ideal option.

What Is Outpatient Treatment?

If you have held down a steady job thus far, you are in much better shape than you think. While that truth should not prevent you from seeking help from a recovery center, it does, however, provide you with the viable option of outpatient treatment.

Outpatient treatment is still carried out in a rehabilitation center, but this method allows its patients to go home each day once their session is completed. While this treatment program has proven to be successful time after time again, it isn’t recommended for those who feel that they aren’t reliable enough to spend time in the outside world without picking up a bottle of alcohol. But for those that are truly committed to staying the course, outpatient treatment will bear the most fruit as it respects its patients’ needs to meet their personal obligations and provides the necessary care to eliminate alcoholism at its source.

Admittedly, the recovery process isn’t the most glamorous of moments. Pitfalls and obstacles are inevitable, but there are greater things to be gained along the way, including an endless amount of love and support needed to invite in a lifestyle that is free of the confines and hindrances of alcoholism. When you are ready to create a better existence that is worth celebrating, contact us at 833-762-3739 to learn about the life-changing programs that we have to offer.