How Do You Find Affordable Rehab Centers in Indiana?

Money does not buy happiness. Money should also not buy recovery. Unfortunately, in today’s society, where funding for quality addiction treatment is limited, rehabs need to charge clients and/or their insurance to keep themselves open. The idea of having to pay for a rehab center in Indiana may have you biting your nails. If you are willing to invest the time and effort, you will be able to find a plethora of affordable rehab centers in Indiana.
You can find an affordable rehab center in Indiana by:

Communicating with Your Insurance

If you live in Indiana, you are in luck. Health insurance companies are more likely to cover treatment centers that are in your home state. While insurance companies generally do not cover the full cost of treatment or the amount of time that you really need (90 days or more), you will most likely receive some coverage. You may even be surprised to find that your insurance covers more than you thought. You will need to contact your insurance company to find out what your plan specifically cover regarding addiction treatment.

Going for Outpatient Instead of Inpatient

If you are not that progressed into your addiction, outpatient treatment may work for you. Partial-hospitalization and intensive-outpatient are the best options for those who are just starting recovery. Outpatient treatment is more likely to receive more coverage by insurance, put you on a sliding scale, and generally cost less since it does not offer the amenities that an inpatient treatment center does.

Look into State-Funded Centers

While they are not always the highest quality and may have a waitlist, you may be lucky to find a quality state-funded treatment center. In order to know if a state-funded treatment center is effective, check to see if they have received any awards, take a holistic approach, have a medical staff for detox, have comfortable living quarters, and nutritious food.

Apply for Treatment Scholarships

Many treatment centers and organizations will offer treatment scholarships based on need and financial situation. Ask the treatment centers that you are interested in and other recovery resources on how to apply for scholarships.

Why Private Rehab Centers Over Public Rehab Centers

If possible, try to stick with private rehabs centers instead of public rehab centers. Since private rehab centers rely on payment from their clients and their clients’ insurance companies, they know that keeping on top of their program is a must. Therefore, they will deliver the best treatment that they can afford to attract more clients. Successful private rehab centers have more funding to afford more resources to improve their programs. Private rehab centers are often located in a secluded area in nature to allow clients to detach from the affairs of the outside world and focus on themselves.

Public rehab centers receive funding from the state. Therefore, they are less motivated to make their programs a cut above the rest. Since they generally serve clients who cannot afford private rehab centers, they solely rely on the state for their funding. Since the funding is limited, they do not have enough money to improve their resources. Their counselors are more likely to be interns or those who have less than a bachelor’s degree. Counselors in public rehab centers also have larger caseloads and are paid less, so they are more likely to be burnout and unsatisfied in their work. Public rehab centers are generally located in cities and suburbs, where clients are right in the middle of the chaos of the world.

Recovery is Worth the Investment

Recovery gives you the life that you never dreamed of. Alcohol and drugs may offer a boat load of promises, but they are always lying. Recovery is honest, beautiful, kind, and free. There are many paths to recovery, and you will need to find which one works for you. Consulting a professional who specializes in substance use disorders can assess you and determine which path is recommended for your situation. While investing in rehab may set you back temporarily, it will be worth it if you work it.

Treatment centers are not similar to prisons or institutions. They are homey places that are intended to nurture you back to health and put you on the path to recovery. You will be with people who can empathize and offer their experience, strength, and hope to help you.

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