How Do You Contact a Professional Interventionist for the Intervention Process?

People who work in the drug and alcohol rehab industry generally agree that addicts first must admit they have a problem before they are ready to accept help. Still, when they fail to appreciate the seriousness of their drug or drinking problem, addicts may need to be guided into acknowledging their dependencies.

When you want to help a loved one reach this realization, you may need to hire an interventionist to guide you and others in the process. You can find a professional interventionist by using these strategies.

Contact Rehabilitation Facilities in Your Area

Perhaps the most common sense approach to finding an interventionist to help you involve calling the rehab facilities in your area. Most recovery centers have at least one if not several interventionists on staff. These professionals work not only in the rehab facilities with patients but also in the community with families like yours.

They make available their services to people in the area who want to confront a friend or loved the one about his or her drug or alcohol use. By calling these rehab centers in your city, you could be put in contact with a skilled interventionist who could meet with you in a matter of days if not hours.

Use a Professional Directory

If you have no rehab facilities in your area or you want to maintain a certain level of anonymity while you conduct your search, you could find a skilled interventionist by using a professional directory. Many interventionists belong to professional organizations like the Association of Intervention Specialists. These organizations maintain active websites that people like you can visit to locate someone who can help stage a prompt intervention.

Further, many of these organizations make available their directories and referral services at no cost or obligation. You can browse the online directory at your leisure and find someone close to where you live to come help confront a friend or relative about his or her addiction.

Ask a Spiritual Adviser or Religious Leader

Pastors, priests, and other spiritual leaders do more than just give sermons every week. They also typically have a moral and legal responsibility to help people in times of crises like dealing with an addiction.

Many of these religious advisers are also knowledgeable about what resources are available in the community and have connections with various agencies in the area. They may be able to refer you to a facility that employs interventionists or can contract with an interventionist when needed.

Most religious leaders also provide these referrals and advice at no cost. They also safeguard your identity so no one in the congregation knows about the addiction issues with which your family struggles.

Know What Questions to Ask

Once you locate one or several interventionists who are willing to assist you, you should be prepared to ask a series of questions from each one. These questions will help you vet these individuals and allow you to determine what one to hire for your intervention needs.

Some of the more critical questions you could ask of an interventionist include:

  • What are your professional qualifications?
  • What is your educational background?
  • How many interventions have you staged or participated in?
  • How successful were those interventions?
  • What methods or models do you use in the interventions?

Other details you might want to learn about before hiring an interventionist are:

  • How much the fees or costs are for services
  • What is the planning process
  • Who will be expected to be in charge of the intervention, you or the interventionist
  • Who will transport the addict to recovery if the intervention is successful

By asking these questions and finding out these details, you can prepare yourself for staging a successful intervention. You also can hire someone whose services you can afford and could lead the addict toward recovery.

You should note, however, that your commitment to the process is critical. It is normal to feel fearful or anxious about confronting an addict in your family or circle of friends. You may need to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally to follow through with the prescribed process of the interventionist and trust this professional’s methods if you are sincere about getting the addict help.

Staging an intervention can be a challenging process to go through alone. You need an experienced professional to take charge and guide you and your loved ones through it. You can find a skilled interventionist by using these resources available to you. Call us today at 833-762-3739.