How Do You Compare Different Rehab Facilities?

Committing to your addiction recovery is an important step, which is why selecting a treatment facility shouldn’t be a quick decision. You should take the time to look at each facility to determine which ones offer you the best chances for a sustainable recovery. Many people assume one addiction rehab center is the same as another, but that’s not true. In fact, each facility offers something different, which is why you should take as much time in selecting a treatment center as you would in choosing which college to attend. Rehab facilities differ in a number of ways.

They each offer unique services, and the types of therapy they provide also vary from facility to facility. Some organizations also offer mental health therapy, which can be a vital component of successful addiction recovery. The amenities they offer vary as well. It’s up to you to determine which facility offers the most desirable experience for you, which means contacting each facility and asking the questions that matter the most.

Find Out What Services Are Offered

The first step in choosing a treatment facility is to research the facilities in your area, and narrowing your choices down to the institutions that most appeal to you. From there, it will be important to determine which ones are best equipped to treat you. For instance, if you suffer from alcoholism, it won’t make much sense to choose a facility that only treats opioid addiction. There are many facilities that specialize in specific types of addiction, so be sure to select a rehab treatment center that has experience in treating your type of addiction.

If you think you may also suffer from anxiety, depression, or another type of mental illness, you may want to look for facilities that treat co-occurring conditions. Research has found that people suffering from mental illness must have those conditions treated concurrently in order to minimize the possibility of a relapse. You may also need help getting clean before you can begin a rehab program. If this is the case, locating a facility that also offers medicated detox services may be important to you.

Look into the Types of Therapy

Each facility follows a different treatment model, which means the types of therapy available at one facility may not be offered at another. You should take the time to find out what specific types of therapy are offered at each facility. You may find that some forms of therapy are more appealing to you, which means you’ll be more invested in them. Alternatively, you may have had experience with a specific type of therapy, and have found that it didn’t work for you. In that case, a treatment center that specializes in offering that type of therapy may not be your best choice. You may also need therapy to help you learn how to function without drugs.

For instance, if you become addicted to opioids as the result of suffering from chronic pain, you may still need to address that underlying problem. Participating in physical therapy, or occupational therapy can help you develop your muscles and exercise your joints so that chronic pain will be minimized. Helping recovering addicts cope with pain is often an essential part of the addiction recovery process.

The Importance of Comparing Amenities

It’s also a good idea to find out what amenities each facility offers. Recovering from an addiction largely relies on learning healthier coping mechanisms, and adopting less damaging hobbies. Some facilities have weight training equipment, swimming pools, and other recreational activities designed to help you alleviate stress. Conversely, some facilities operate on a more restrictive budget and may not have these same amenities. You should also find out how the facility will help you reintegrate back into society. Some treatment centers may help you find a job or an apartment. In some cases, you may be referred to a halfway house, or a sober living community, by the treatment center upon the successful completion of your treatment program.

This can be as important as any other service offered by the rehab facility, so it can be worthwhile to look into these options. Evaluating individual rehab facilities is something that should be done with care. If you would like to learn more about our facility, you can contact us at
833-762-3739 anytime. Our counselors will be happy to answer your questions and help you determine if we’re the right choice to help with your recovery. Making this call is the first step in helping you live a clean and healthy life.