How Do I Find the Best Rehab Center in IN for My Son’s Needs?

Alcohol and drug abuse are devastating conditions that cause detrimental damage to the lives of addicts and their loved ones. Reckless and irresponsible habits caused by alcohol and drug addiction can render your son homeless, jobless, unhealthy, and even strain your relationship. Before your son’s life careens out of control, you could find salvation in alcohol and drug abuse treatment.

Luckily, the United States has responded remarkably to the drug and alcohol addiction crisis affecting a significant number of young Americans. There has been a mushrooming of rehab centers that are dedicated to treating addicts and helping them regain their lives. The road and success to sobriety highly depend on the addiction treatment center you choose. It’s essential to start the search process with an open mind as the variety of rehab centers is mind-boggling, and your son’s experience is likely to differ from another person’s. This piece will highlight a few insightful steps that will help you choose the right treatment center.

Determine your recovery center goals and needs

You might want to lay out your son’s rehab goals and needs before starting your search process. What substances does your son abuse? Find out if your son has any other underlying conditions that could make substance abuse treatment difficult. For instance, mental conditions alongside the drug abuse problem will help you settle for dual diagnosis programs. Discuss with your son his desires and wants. Would he want to stay in rehab for thirty or sixty days? Streamline all your rehab goals and details.

Ask for references

Seeking substance abuse treatment is a very sensitive topic for most people. With the stigma surrounding addiction treatment, you might want to select your source of recommendations carefully. Your primary doctor would be an ideal place to start. Ask your doctor to examine your son and provide referrals to the best rehab centers. Your doctor could also refer you to an addiction treatment expert who will guide you through the journey to finding the perfect rehab for your son.

In-depth research

If you want a few more rehab centers to sample, hit the internet, and find treatment centers in your neighborhood or state. Add them into your list of potential treatment centers and begin investigating them one by one. The internet today holds so much information that’s only a key-click away. Most rehab centers have business websites that you could use to gather information and learn more about their services and facilities. Consider going through their reviews to see what previous clients have to say about the rehab. Reputable treatment centers have more positive reviews compared to negative reviews. A seemingly alarming number of negative reviews is a clear red flag that tells you to stay away from the rehab.

Contact the facility

Once you have crossed out all the unlikable rehab options, consider contacting the few on your list. Top-rated recovery facilities are confident in their services and will be happy to answer all your questions. Air out your concerns and pain points, confirm if the rehab is licensed to provide treatment programs, and ensure that the customer care service is satisfactory.

Things to consider before deciding

Depending on your son’s level of addiction, his goals, and his personal tastes and preferences, you might want to put a few things into consideration before settling on one treatment facility. They include:

Outpatient vs. inpatient

There are two significant types of rehab facilities. Inpatient rehabs require patients to stay in the rehab facility throughout the treatment period, while outpatient rehabs require you to stay home while attending treatment during the day. According to statistics, inpatient treatment facilities record a higher success rate compared to outpatient facilities. Nonetheless, for individuals who aren’t suffering from high levels of addiction, outpatient rehabs work the magic. Each one of the rehab centers has its own fair share of benefits and disadvantages.


Every rehab center must be equipped with basic amenities for every patient. However, some treatment centers have a range of luxurious amenities, including spas, private rooms, and swimming pools. Consider finding something that falls within your budget.

Approach and therapy

Over the years, treatment centers have incorporated different treatment therapy options and models to help with addiction recovery. You might want to educate yourself on the various therapies and approaches and choose one that suits your son.

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