How Do I Find the Best Drug Rehab Treatment Centers for My Spouse?

Marriages and relationships as we know them can be both sweet and sour. It’s even more difficult when you have a spouse suffering from alcohol or drug addiction. When your spouse decides to check into a recovery center for addiction treatment, they will need a strong support system to get through the journey to complete sobriety. You are probably going to be their primary source of support as a spouse.

Examine yourself if you are strong enough to play your role in fighting the addiction crisis. Educate yourself on the addiction menace while trying to understand what your spouse is going through. After both you and your spouse are sure of seeking addiction treatment, begin your journey to finding the best drug rehab facility for your loved one. Seeking treatment has proven to save marriages strained by addiction treatment. The following are steps to follow when tracing the right treatment center for your spouse.

Get an assessment

Take your spouse to a substance use disorder specialist for a full evaluation of the addiction problem. A comprehensive assessment from the professional will confirm if indeed your spouse is an addict and if there is another psychiatric disorder to be on the look-out. The results at this point will help you choose the best type of drug rehab facility. For instance, a light drug addiction case doesn’t need an intensive inpatient program to make things right. Depending on the evaluation results, the doctor will recommend the best type of drug rehab center and the right treatment program for your spouse.

Ask for recommendations

Now that you have adequate information on the type of treatment your spouse deserves, ask for referrals. Your spouse’s evaluation doctor could be a great source of information. Consider asking them for recommendations for the best facilities within their networks. You might also include your close friends and family members willing to help your spouse through the tough journey to sobriety. Your spouse’s insurance company could also come in handy. Insurance companies work in conjunction with specialists, including therapists, and could turn out to have a functional list of rehab facilities.

Dig online

Now that you have a long list of drug rehab facilities, you will use the internet to retrieve information about the treatment centers. Check the website of the rehab centers to see what services they offer. You might also want to peruse through reviews left behind by their clients. Positive reviews are a good indication that the treatment facility provides satisfactory services. Cross out any recovery centers with a bad reputation and bad reviews from former clients. You might also want to go the extra mile and make a phone call to the treatment center to confirm if they offer the resources listed on the website. Some treatment centers include services they don’t offer for marketing purposes.

Are they affordable?

Do not make the mistake of equating luxury with quality. You are looking to check in your spouse into a drug treatment facility that won’t cause further strain to your finances. Also, prioritize the quality of treatment rather than the amenities offered at the treatment center. Consult with your spouse’s insurance firm to see how much you are willing to invest in the treatment program. This should give you a precise image of what to consider in a facility.

Make pre-visits

By now, you should have a tangible list of potential treatment centers that will offer the services your spouse needs. You have to ensure that your spouse is comfortable with the decision you are trying to make. Involve them in the process and take them for a pre-visit to any of the treatment centers in mind. This should help both of you have a feel of what’s to come once you start the recovery journey. Ask the receptionist to arrange a tour for you and your spouse. You might also want to choose a treatment center close to home to make the trips shorter.

Turn down rehabs that guarantee instant success. Addiction treatment is a long-life process that demands intense dedication. It’s up to an individual to follow through the treatment plan even after being discharged. Select a treatment center that is realistic and transparent.

With so many options today, finding the right rehab for you may seem impossible. However, with these tips discussed above, you will find the ultimate drug treatment center for your spouse. Reach out to a dedicated addiction specialist now at 833-762-3739 and help your spouse turn around and regain control of their life.