How Clean Are Rehab Facilities in Indiana?

Going to rehab can raise many questions. While you might be eager to get started on your road to recovery, the thought of staying in a rehab facility may leave you a little worried. After all, spending so much time with other people in a confined space can sometimes lead to messes. Whether you are worried about living in a cluttered environment or just don’t want to get sick, asking how clean are rehab facilities in Indiana is a very valid question.

Fortunately, you can trust that rehab facilities are required to keep their buildings clean, and this is achieved through multiple ways. Every rehab program has a specific set of protocols to follow that are all meant to help keep everyone there safe, clean and happy as they focus on their recovery.

Who is Responsible for Cleaning Rehabs?

The majority of rehab centers have a cleaning crew that is responsible for doing the bulk of the cleaning. They know how to use special cleaning solutions that are designed to eliminate bacteria, viruses and fungus that can accumulate in group living situations. The cleaning crew does things such as sweep and mop the floors every day, and they can instantly help out if there is a sudden spill.

They also focus on helping to keep the bathrooms clean and other shared areas of the building. You may also have some cleaning responsibilities that help to keep the environment more comfortable. For instance, residents are usually asked to pick up after themselves. While you might not be scouring the shower walls, you will be expected to do things such as clean up after you eat by putting your food and other items in the trash. In your room, you can also help to keep things tidy by avoiding accumulating unnecessary clutter. You can put your dirty laundry into the bin and put your clean clothes away. Simple cleaning such as this helps you feel better while establishing good habits for your recovery.

Do I Have to Share a Room or Bathroom?

You might also be worried about what happens if you get a messy roommate. Many people choose to have semi-private room where they stay with one other person. In most cases, there will be separate spaces for each of you to store your things such as dressers or closets. In this type of situation, you may have to share a bathroom. As with most of the things that you do in the center, you will each be expected to clean up after yourself so that the other person can comfortably use the restroom as well.

If the thought of sharing a living space makes you squeamish, then you can also ask about having a private room. In this arrangement, you will be the only one who uses the room and bathroom. You will also be expected to handle light housekeeping duties in your own room such as putting your things away each day and limiting trash in the room. Keep in mind that with either arrangement, you don’t spend a whole lot of time in your room. This is because you spend most of your time in therapy and counseling sessions. For most people, it is easy to keep the rooms and bathrooms clean since you are mostly just in there for getting ready in the morning and sleeping.

Do Rehabs Get Inspected for Cleanliness?

An Indiana rehab facility is expected to follow specific guidelines regarding hygiene and sanitation for people who live in a group environment. The city that the rehab is in may conduct regular inspections to make sure that the staff upholds these standards. These inspections may happen on an annual, monthly or surprise basis. An inspector may check the cleanliness of shared spaces such as the bathrooms.

There is also a food and health safety inspection that involves a thorough check of any food preparation areas. These may involve observations of how the cooks prepare food and follow protocols for keeping people safe from food-borne illnesses. If you are still worried about cleanliness at rehab, then you can ask to see the most recent safety inspection report. Although it is common to see some minor violations, you should not see a long list of problems. You should also find that any issues that were discovered were addressed in a timely manner. The staff at rehab facilities work hard to keep everything clean and comfortable. Are you ready to jump in and get started with your recovery? Give us a call today to enroll in a program the improves your health at 833-762-3739.