How Can I Set Healthy Boundaries And Expectations During Recovery When I Have BPD?

It’s human enough to want quick relief that lasts a lifetime when suffering from disturbing occurrences such as suicidal thinking, anxiety, depression, feelings of hopelessness, aggressiveness, and substance abuse. While being diagnosed with borderline personality disorder was no fault of yours, you are entirely responsible for pushing the necessary steps to help yourself feel better.

Firstly, congratulations on accepting that you need help. You might want to adjust your mindset to help you manage your expectations during treatment and recovery. It’s easier said than done, right? Well, it doesn’t have to be using these tips that we will discuss in this piece.

Be faithful to your treatment process

The good thing about borderline personality disorder is that it is treatable. Do you feel that you have already tampered that path by including substance abuse into the complication? Don’t worry; there is always hope in every treatment procedure as long as you are dedicated to making it through recovery. Borderline personality disorder is often treated using psychotherapy. On some rare occasions, medication may be prescribed.

Treatment and therapy can help you understand your condition, cope with it, and learn skills to manage it. Your psychiatrist will recommend getting treated for other co-occurring conditions such as substance abuse and other mental health disorders that could get in the way of your recovery process. Stay true with yourself as you begin treatment to help you stay focused on the end goal.

Be patient with yourself

Recovery from borderline personality disorder is a life long process. Despite the urgent need to begin treatment today and wake up fully recovered tomorrow, it’s important to be realistic. During treatment, you will be taken through dialectic behavior therapy that strives to guide you through opposing concepts and views that get rid of white and black thinking patterns, often referred to as Wise Mind.

You will learn to think more logically rather than emotionally. This way, you can manage your expectations about recovering from BDP and be realistic about the journey. Wise Mind reasoning helps you approach the world from a wider perspective.

Asserting boundaries

You’ve probably crossed these boundaries before, especially if you had anger issues or low self-esteem. You could start by forgiving yourself and finding ways to set these boundaries in order to avoid making the same mistakes. How do you communicate your values to others? How do you react to something if it doesn’t go your way?

Your therapist might take you through sessions to help you assert and know your boundaries. However, it’s upon you to apply the new rules, respect other people’s limits, and also set your own frontiers. Learn how to communicate effectively to avoid misunderstandings.

Coping well with treatment

Symptoms such as anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and low self-esteem could trigger you into panic mode and send you back to the first step. The first rule in building coping mechanisms when being treated for borderline personality disorder is to avoid panicking. Remember, your chances of recovery and remission are good. With excellent treatment approaches, the right attitude, and adequate dedication, you will get better results in the end. Consider seeking high-quality treatment options for your condition for the sake of your peace of mind.

Don’t isolate

It’s a terrible time to think you need space and time to be alone. Your family and close friends are probably your strongest support system during these doubtful times. Ask them to help you walk through the journey to recovery and keep you in check. Your therapy sessions are likely to yield positive results when you are at peace with your loved ones. It may also be the reason why you strive to get better against all the odds. Whenever you get the chance, interact, and bond with your family and friends and practice whatever you’ve been learning during therapy.

What to expect

Although you would love for BPD recovery to be simple, straightforward, and predictable, it hardly happens that way. You will get some disappointing stops, encouraging phases, and progress that will be a bit difficult to notice at times. All in all, give yourself time and don’t pressure yourself into doing the impossible. It’s a process.

If you’ve been looking for motivators and excellent treatment options for your borderline personality disorder condition, we are here for you. Reach us at 833-762-3739. to talk to us and perhaps learn more about your situation. The secret to winning over this condition lies within you. Let us help you.