How Can I Find Outpatient Programs Near Me that I Can Take Public Transit To?

Okay, you finally realize that you no longer want to deal with addiction. You also know that things must change if you want to improve your life. So, you make the step to sign up with an outpatient recovery program. However, you realize that you lost some important possessions as a result of your substance abuse. Now, you have to figure out how to get to the recovery program without transportation. You realize that taking the pubic bus is your best option. Now you’re wondering how can find an outpatient program near me that I can ride the bus or train to? You will quickly discover the answer once you read this information.

Search Online for a Rehab Facility Close to your Home

You can always search online for a rehab facility that is near your house. All you need to do is search online for rehab facilities within your area. There probably will be at least one drug and alcohol treatment facility situated in your community. Rehab centers are generally located all over the city. Some areas might have more recovery programs than others. Still, you can find a rehab center in the suburbs, in your downtown area and even in an impoverished neighborhood.

When you search online for a rehab center, the results will usually show you places within your side of town. This is where you need to start. Most rehab centers try to set up their locations in easy to reach places. They generally don’t want to make it difficult for addicts to get to their facility. Otherwise, they could lose business. However, some rehab facilities realize that recovering addicts need exclusivity and they will establish a rehab center that is away from everything. Once you find a location that is near your area, you can check to see if public transportation is available for that location.

Use a GPS App to s see if you can Reach a Rehab Facility

The easiest way that you can figure out if public transportation travels to an outpatient rehab facility is to check your GPS. Updated GPS technology will have bus stop locations on their map. They will also have the stop times listed with each stop. All you have to do is touch the bus icon on the map and the stop times will appear at the bottom of the screen.

If you find a bus stop near an outpatient recovery program of your choice, then you should sign up to attend. Just be mindful about the times the bus runs and the time you are expected to receive outpatient services. You should also be aware of the time when your program will end. You don’t want to be stranded and in need of a ride because you missed your bus trip home.

Don’t forget about the public train. If you live in a city where there is a subway or rail system that can get around town, then use it to get to your program. Once again, an updated GPS map will have transit time stops available for travelers. Just coordinate the stops to work with your recovery program beginning and ending time.

Stay with a Relative or Friend Near a Rehab Facility

If you end choosing an outpatient program near a relative or friend’s house, then try to stay with them during your recovery program. If you are able to stay with them, it could be a practical thing to do. You can take the bus or train to your rehab facility and then go back to their place. This could save you time with traveling on public transportation.

Call a Local Transit Company to See if they have Stops Near your Recovery Program

A local transit company can tell you if they have stop located near your company. Customer service reps can look the information up on their computers and use GPS technology to figure this information out. Once they have the information, they will usually let you know what facilities are located near a bus or train stop.

Normally, you will probably have to go to a rehab facility that your insurance allows. Also, if you might have to go to a rehab center off referral. Still, this should not stop you from attending because you ride public transportation. Contact our recovery program at 833-762-3739 and we’ll let you know if public transportation can get you to our facility. No one should miss out on important recovery services just because they can’t reach us by public transportation.