How Can an Addiction Recovery Program Help You Learn to Be at Peace with Your Thoughts?

One of the greatest challenges of drug and alcohol addiction is constantly feeling at odds with yourself. Everyone wants to live a happy, successful, and ultimately stable life, even when their actions are completely contrary to this desire. No one truly likes harming themselves, ruining their relationships and career prospects, or pushing away the people who care about them. This ongoing internal conflict leads many substance abusers to constantly badger and belittle themselves. If this sounds familiar, you’ve probably spent time attacking your self-worth, disliking yourself, and simply wondering why you can’t do or be better in life.

It’s important to know that you’re not alone, and that these thoughts and feelings are all an expected part of being addicted. Moreover, once you take the step to receive treatment, you can start putting these unhealthy and destructive emotions behind you. In fact, as you achieve sobriety and grow confident in your recovery, you’ll begin to feel quite the opposite. An addiction recovery program can help you learn how to feel both valuable and valued. It can stop you from feeling at odds with yourself, and can help you align your actions and behaviors with the type of life that you want to live.

One very important part of the recovery process is forgiveness. This starts with learning how to forgive yourself. After you’ve finished the initial detox portion of your program, you’ll move on to address the shame, guilt, and fear that have kept you captive to addiction for so long. When you struggle with these and other negative emotions, it can lead to feelings of hopelessness and despair that make even trying to change your habits seem hardly worthwhile. Addiction recovery centers are staffed by seasoned professionals who can show you how to overcome these feelings, and how to replace them with positive and life-affirming ones.

Addiction Recovery Starts in the Mind

Joining an inpatient addiction recovery program is often the most beneficial choice for those with long-running addictions and multiple failed recovery efforts. This is especially true for people who are currently living in negative, toxic environments, or surrounded by unhealthy relationships. These programs take people out of hurtful, harmful zones and place them in safe, secure spaces. When you take part in on-campus addiction treatment, you’ll finally have the freedom and stability to focus on getting better, thinking better, and making better decisions. You won’t be surrounded by people who belittle you, and you’ll learn to stop belittling yourself. Among some of the most common causes of drug and alcohol addiction are:

  • Low self-esteem and feelings of low self-worth
  • Negative forms of behavioral conditioning
  • Traumatic events
  • Abusive circumstances

The causes of addiction can also include co-occurring mental health disorders, genetic predisposition, and many other factors. In most cases, people use substances to mute or relieve pain that they cannot relieve in other ways. As they experience the detrimental effects that substance abuse has on their lives, they blame themselves for this destruction, and feel tremendous shame for what their actions have wrought. Shame and guilt are feelings that also cause people to turn to substances. Thus, until their thinking patterns are changed, people can live in an incredibly difficult and self-perpetuating cycle. They use because they feel guilty and ashamed; they feel guilty and ashamed because they use.

Onsite counselors will help you learn more about this common cycle including how to break it. The only way to truly set yourself free from these emotions and others like them is by learning to forgive yourself. Making the step to self-forgiveness will bring a tremendous sense of peace.

Learning Your Strength And Limitations

Addiction recovery programs also assist clients in learning their strengths and limitations. If you constantly subject yourself to too much pressure and stress, you’ll always be at risk of using. You can only do the best that you’re capable of each day, and this is more than acceptable. Discovering that it’s okay to make mistakes so long as you’re able to bounce back is important. Not only will it set the stage for a successful recovery, but it will also help prevent and mitigate future relapse events.

Your strengths are your resilience and your ability to keep moving forward. You’ll invariably discover that you’re strong in many other areas as well, as you participate in group and individual therapy sessions. Recognizing your value and knowing that you’re worth making an effort for will give you the courage and motivation to keep your recovery on track, even when temptations and cravings rear their heads, and even when life becomes unexpectedly challenging.

There is no peace in addiction. There never will be. Using drugs or alcohol to mute or relieve pain always has consequences that places users at odds with themselves. Learning the root causes of your addiction, forgiving yourself, and giving yourself permission to move on and enjoy a healthy, happy life is the surest route to peace. If you’re ready to reclaim your freedom and health through addiction recovery, we can help. Call us today at 833-762-3739.