How A Sober Living Program Can Help You Secure Your Recovery

Once you fall into the pit of addiction, it’s a tough climb to make your way back to sober living. There are going to be setbacks and challenges, especially when you go solo. Addiction affects the brain. It actually changes the way that messages are sent throughout the body, creating a chemical dependency that can’t be turned off with the flick of a switch. It takes time, patience, and support. The journey begins with admitting that there is a problem with the source of your addiction. Getting help from professionals is the next step in a substance abuse treatment program. Give yourself the advantage of a sober living program to increase your chances of maintaining your recovery.

Understanding How Sober Living Can Make a Difference

A sober living program provides those who are recovering from addiction with support during the transition phase from treatment to normal life at home. All members of the sober living home are recovering from some type of addiction. There is no place for drugs and alcohol in this safe haven. Support meetings are a regular part of the living arrangements. House members are given responsibilities. More contact with family members and friends is possible at this point. Participants can gradually work their way back into a regular routine that includes going to work. If at any time there is risk of a relapse, members of a sober living facility can get additional support to work their way through a challenging period in recovery.

Addiction Recovery Won’t Happen Overnight

If you are serious about recovering from addiction, you need to be prepare to put in the effort for the long haul. You’ll need to be vigilant, avoiding situations that could put you at risk of going back to substance abuse. You need to accept help from others and take advantage of every resource that is available to you. A sober living program could mean the difference between falling back into old habits and taking your life back. You need to accept that it’s going to take a dedicated effort to leave addiction behind for good.

You Don’t Have to Do This Alone

You are surrounded by others in rehab. Once your treatment plan is over and you leave, it can be overwhelming. This especially holds true if you live alone. Every time those cravings hit, you are under pressure, or negative influences surround you, you are at risk of falling prey to addiction once again. Choose sober living and surround yourself with positive influences. They say it takes a village to raise a challenge. It takes a group of caring, experienced individuals to help a victim of addiction.

Find the Right Sober Living Facility Before Rehab is Over

As you are nearing completion of your addiction recovery program, talk with your counselor about sober living arrangements. There is no shame in needing more time and support before you finally make it home. Your team of professionals at your recovery facility have access to multiple resources and can assist you in finding a sober living home that is located in a convenient location. Your length of stay will depend on you and when you are ready to make the final transition home. Sober living programs are recommended for:

  • Anyone who has experienced a relapse during the recovery process
  • Individuals with mental health issues that have an impact on addiction
  • Recovering individuals who do not have a support system at home

If you feel that you need extra help before you can go home, think of a sober living program as your safety net.

What are the Expectations in a Sober Living Program?

There are ground rules that must be followed in order to be allowed to stay in a sober living program. Counseling sessions, therapy, and 12-step programs are often combined with sober living arrangements. Drug and alcohol testing may occur at random intervals to ensure that substance abuse is not taking place in the facility. Curfews limit too much freedom that could lead to temptation. By providing participants with structure, a safe environment, and the companionship of others, it is possible to build a solid foundation for lasting sobriety.

Learn More About Sober Living Today

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