Help for Drug Addicts in Fort Wayne Who Do Not Have a Lot of Money

Society is evolving to see that addiction is a legitimate disease that requires medical and psychological treatment. Contrary to popular belief, addiction treatment is not a providence of the well-to-do. There are many resources that low-income and middle-class addicted individuals can utilize to fund their addiction treatment.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is the most common source of help to fund addiction treatment. You must contact your insurance company for the specifics of your plan regarding coverage for addiction treatment.

Treatment Scholarships and Charities

Treatment scholarships and charity help are offered by many rehab centers, treatment networks, and private charities. You may have to meet certain income requirements and other requirements to be eligible.

Family and Friends

Though it may crush your pride to ask people for money, Machiavelli’s saying, “The ends justify the means” is applicable to a life and death situation. Loaning from your loved ones may be what you need to do to jumpstart an amazing life of recovery. You can always pay them back after you get into recovery and get settled.

Employer Assistance

Some employers fund their employee’s addiction treatment. If you are working for a company, you should check your company’s policy hand book and human resources department to inquire if your employer funds treatment for employees who are suffering from addiction.

Government Assistance

Government help for addiction treatment will be on the state-level. You should contact your state’s social services to inquire about receiving government assistance for addiction treatment.

Personal Loans

You may be hesitant to increase your debt and/or lower your credit score to pay for addiction treatment. However, you would rather be alive, sober, and in debt than in incarcerated, institutionalized, or dying on the streets due to your addiction.

The Pros and Cons of Using Health Insurance for Addiction Treatment

In recent years, health insurance companies are recognizing addiction as a disease and covering treatment for it. Health insurance covering addiction treatment has taken the weight of paying for addiction treatment out-of-pocket off many individuals and families. However, coverage for addiction treatment is not as simple as coverage for a primary care physician’s visit.

• You or your family pay less out-of-pocket.
• The first 30 days are commonly covered, which is how long it takes for the body to detox and restore itself.
• You can try out a treatment center for little to no cost. If the treatment center is not for you, you are not losing a significant amount of money.

• Necessary time of 90 or more days is usually not covered. You may have to pay for your stay beyond thirty days or have your counselors prove to your insurance company that you need more than thirty days.
• In-state treatment centers are commonly covered, but out-of-state treatment centers are usually a better option because you need to be away from relapse triggers.
• The options of in-network rehab centers may be limited. If you really want or need to go to an out-of-network rehab center, you may receive less or no coverage.

While health insurance helps lower the cost of treatment, it does not completely resolve the issue of being able to pay for treatment. Coverage for addiction treatment varies per individual plan. To find out the specifics regarding coverage for your addiction treatment, you should contact your insurance company and speak to a representative.

Quality Treatment for a Low Cost

The saying “You get what you pay for” is not always applicable to addiction treatment. Ever since the Florida Model of addiction treatment emerged in the 1980s and proved itself as the most effective worldwide, rehab centers that offer high-quality treatment at a low cost have been increasing in popularity across the country. Fort Wayne Recovery is one of those rehab centers that is committed to providing high-quality, evidence-based treatment at a low cost.

Fort Wayne Recovery is located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. They offer different programs to meet the varying needs of adults who are addicted to drugs and alcohol. They take a holistic approach to addiction treatment by helping clients learn practical skills, find spirituality, achieve physical and mental health, search for a place to live, and seek employment. Their amenities include chef-prepared meals, onsite medical staff, and specific programs for gender and trauma. Their philosophy is “A True Devotion to Addiction Recovery”, and they live up to it through the help that they render to their clients.

If you or your loved one are interested in Fort Wayne Recovery to begin the journey of recovery, call them today at 574-377-8643