Finding Affordable Rehab Facilities When You Don’t Have Health Insurance

Health insurance offers payment assistance for a host of different treatments, including rehabilitation for drug and alcohol addiction. However, when you are seeking treatment or are helping a loved one to seek treatment, the necessary health insurance coverage may not be available. Instead of giving up on this life-changing help for addiction, explore other options for finding affordable facilities and covering the costs.

Searching for Rehab Facilities

Seeking treatment without health insurance can feel entirely overwhelming. Remembering some important steps can help to reduce these feelings and lead to a more productive process:

  • Recognize that options exist.
  • Don’t skimp on treatment.
  • Speak with representatives.

Your first instinct may be to give up right away. Understand that the first facility you look at doesn’t necessarily dictate the prices for the rest of them. Some facilities will likely have lower costs, and others may have payment plans available. Researching low-cost facilities is a possibility.

In your search for an affordable treatment center, do remember to keep quality in mind. While you may want to select the first inexpensive program that you find, remember that you also want the experience to be one of a high quality. Treat the process as you would if you had a health insurance plan to cover the costs. In other words, visit possible facilities and conduct research on them.

As you are investigating different plans, you should also speak with representatives at the addiction treatment centers in which you are interested. Upon seeing the average costs for a program that is otherwise of great intrigue to you, you may immediately turn to another facility. Before doing so, schedule an appointment to talk with a person to find out what options are available.

Addiction Sources to Consult

You may feel entirely alone when you’re looking for a treatment facility without health insurance. Conversations with individuals at the rehab centers are useful, and you can also find support in other ways too. For example, you can speak with your primary care physician for recommendations. Therapists are also often helpful sources of information. Even if they do not personally know of low-cost rehabilitation centers, they may be able to put you in touch with resources that can help.

It’s also possible that you’re searching for assistance for your children. Your children might be struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction while they are attending college, so you can turn to the school for help. Speaking with a counselor at the college or university can introduce your family to a host of options that are available.
When you and your family members aren’t affiliated with a certain school, you can research other community resources. A house of worship, for example, may have resources available that you can peruse. Volunteers here may know about low-cost rehabilitation programs that still offer the necessary resources to enhance your life or the life of your loved one. While talking with someone about addiction is often difficult, remember that these individuals and entities have resources and information available for a reason.

Affording the Treatment

In the event that you cannot find a facility that fits with all of your needs, you may need to consider ways to afford the treatment. One option is to look into purchasing health insurance or to speak with your employer to discover if you are not taking full advantage of all of the options available. If you have to buy your own health insurance, you may discover that the cost is lower than you think. Do clarify that the insurance will cover the treatment before signing up for a particular plan.

Another option is to take out a personal loan to cover the cost of treatment. When your financial situation is decent, you can likely qualify for an assortment of different loans. Even if you have a negative financial situation, such as bad credit scores, you can look into opportunities that are tailored for you.
You can also find out if the rehab facility offers a payment plan. If it does, you will likely need to pay some money now. Then, the rest of the balance may be due in upcoming months or as you progress through the treatment program.

Understanding that options are available is pivotal when you don’t have health insurance to cover the cost of your treatment. Speaking with a representative is absolutely necessary because you can discover what choices you have. To take this step, give 833-762-3739 a call today.