Do Treatment Centers in Indiana Take Union Insurance?

Your union insurance is a valuable resource that you depend upon when you or a family member is sick or injured. Now that you have made the decision to seek treatment for drug or alcohol, you can also use your union insurance to make your care more affordable. Today, health insurance companies are required to provide coverage for substance abuse treatment that helps you live a healthier lifestyle, and you will find that Indiana rehab programs frequently take union insurance to help you begin your journey toward sobriety.

Signs That Addiction is Affecting Your Job

You may be concerned about the effect that seeking treatment for drug addiction may have on your career. While it is normal to worry about dealing with the stigma that is associated with drug or alcohol abuse, your treatment services are confidential and only the insurance company needs to know about it unless you decide to tell someone else. You should also know that most employers prefer for their employees to seek help for addiction because it improves their job performance.

Once an addiction takes hold, it becomes harder to continue to do your job right. In fact, you may notice that you find it harder to make it to work on time. Alternatively, you may have skipped work because you were too hung over to go in or were still high when your shift started. People who drink or do drugs during their working hours are also at greater risk for accidents that lead to injuries, and you may not be eligible for compensation from your employer if it is found that your drug abuse led to the accident at work. For these reasons, it is best to seek treatment now so that you can protect your job from the negative effects of drug addiction.

If you notice the following things happening at work, then seeking help for your addiction is the best course of action for saving your career.

• Frequent lateness
• Increased complaints from management
• Difficulty getting along with your coworkers
• Feeling tired or sick during working hours
• Forgetting important tasks or procedures
• Experiencing an accident or close calls

How to Use Union Insurance at an Indiana Treatment Center

Indiana treatment programs have established a process through which you can work with your counselors to arrange for the right type of treatment for your needs that is covered by your union insurance. Your treatment center is familiar with union insurance, and they can help you read through your policy to understand your coverage. For example, your policy may cover a specific number of days in residential or outpatient care, and you can arrange to stay for that length of time or decide to stay longer and cover the extra portion out-of-pocket.

When you first signed up for union insurance, you should have received an identification card that has information regarding your coverage such as your policy or group number. Alternatively, you may be able to find this information online. You can bring this information with you to the rehab center or have it nearby when you call to arrange for treatment so that it can be entered into your file. You also need to bring a picture I.D. to verify your identity when you enter the treatment program. Once your insurance information is given to the treatment center, you can then find out how much of your care is covered.

Benefits of Addiction Treatment

The benefits of going to an Indiana rehab program extend beyond just helping you advance in your career. Sobriety improves many different areas of your life. During your treatment, you will have a chance to get honest with yourself and find out the underlying reasons why you fell prey to addiction. Often, people with addictions have coexisting disorders such as depression or anxiety that must be addressed. You may have also experienced a trauma that you still have not fully coped with, or you may be grieving the loss of a loved one. While this part of treatment is one of the hardest, your entire life opens up once you find ways to cope with these kinds of challenges.

You’ve made the right choice to get help, and you work hard to earn the benefit of having union insurance. Now, you can do what it takes to save your job and improve your life by enrolling in a treatment program where you are surrounded by caring people who know how hard you try to do the right thing.

Seeking treatment for your addiction helps you make greater strides in your career. Give us a call at 833-762-3739 to find out more about how to use your union insurance to cover your addiction treatment.