Do Treatment Centers Employ Counselors for Personality Disorders?

Seeking treatment for addiction is never a simple process, especially if you personally struggle with a personality disorder or another illness that has hindered you in the past. Finding the right rehab center or treatment facility that also provides dual diagnosis and proper counseling is essential to increase your chance of a successful stay and future outcome.

Choosing an inpatient rehabilitation facility that not only provides addiction treatment, but also mental health awareness, is imperative when you have a previously diagnosed personality disorder. With the right treatment center and support system, learn how to live your life without the use of alcohol or drugs while simultaneously addressing underlying personality disorders, triggers, and causes of your addiction.

The Importance of Dual Diagnosis

One of the first services to search for when comparing treatment centers for addiction includes a dual diagnosis option. Dual diagnosis is extremely important and an invaluable service for those who are struggling with personality disorders or any other mood-based disorders that may hinder or interfere with the detoxing process.

Dual diagnosis ensures that a patient is healthy, of sound mind, and willing to continue forward with their inpatient treatment plan before it begins. With a dual diagnosis in place, work with doctors and specialized addiction counselors to better understand your own needs while crafting a treatment plan that is right for you.

Inpatient Vs. Outpatient Care

Inpatient rehab facilities require individuals to live within the care center throughout the entirety of their chosen program. Outpatient programs, however, do not require individuals to relocate and have fewer restrictions for those who intend to attend available programs that are open to the public. If you are in need of a specialized counselor or medical professional, it is highly recommended to consider opting for an inpatient drug rehab center or treatment facility.

Medically Monitored Detoxing

Inpatient rehabilitation centers that provide specialized counseling and dual diagnosis procedures also offer medically monitored detox sessions for those in need. Medically monitored detox is necessary for those who have serious or life-threatening addictions to alcohol, opiates, or other harmful and toxic substances. A medically monitored detox is imperative to ensure the health and well being of an individual who is at risk of serious withdrawal side effects while eliminating substances from their body.

Individual and Specialized Counseling Sessions

After the dual diagnosis and monitored detoxing is complete, individuals in need will be provided with individualized and specialized counseling sessions. Counselors who specialize in personality disorders along with addiction are available to help individuals who have diagnosed disorders or illnesses.

Working together with a counselor who is familiar with personality disorders and how to facility help to individuals who have them is a must when completing a lengthy inpatient rehab program. When you have access to specialized counseling sessions, feel less isolated and alienated from the world as you face your addiction and its repercussions head-on.

Aftercare Resources

Whenever you check in to an inpatient rehab center or facility, it is important to inquire about aftercare resources and the ongoing support that is available for patients who have completed their designated programs. Many inpatient care facilities provide free and community resources for those in need to prevent future relapses or giving in to old habits.

Aftercare resources are extremely important for those who also have personality disorders that require medication or ongoing counseling. Be sure to inform counselors and representatives of any inpatient care facility you are at of your future needs. Speak openly about your wants and needs in terms of outside resources to your counselor before you have completed your inpatient program for the best results.

Understanding the importance of seeking an inpatient care facility that focuses on mental health is imperative when you struggle with a personality disorder yourself. Having medical professionals and specialized counselors by your side as you complete your inpatient program can ultimately mean the difference between relapsing and continuing a lifestyle that is clean and sober. With the proper medical care, intervention, and resources, feel confident when moving forward on your journey to a life free from substances.

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