Do Christian Recovery Centers Have Different Rules from Secular Centers?

In your search for the right drug treatment center, you may come across facilities that classify themselves as Christian treatment centers. While both secular and Christian centers offer effective treatment for individuals recovering from substance abuse disorders, there are a few notable differences about each facility, namely, what guidelines they enforce.

Rules for Christian Rehab Center Patients

Most rehab centers tend to stick to the same rules: no drugs, alcohol, or electronic devices, as well as other rules that encourage patients to truly focus on breaking their addictions. However as Christian rehab centers focus on using Christianity as a way to treat substance use, they do have a few rules that set them apart from other secular treatment centers:

  • No alcohol, drugs, or any type of stimulants.
  • No outside “gifts”, cigarettes, or certain toiletries from friends or family.
  • No drug-related, Satanic, or immodest clothing that doesn’t meet their standards.
  • No visitors during the first 6 – 8 weeks.
  • No swearing, abusive words, or blasphemy.
  • Mandatory participation in regular religious activity, assigned tasks, and allocated work.

To others, these rules may seem particularly strict and limiting. However, as the focus of Christian rehab centers is to help patients through treatment with the help of Christian doctrine, these guidelines let individuals regain a sense of structure and normalcy. Moreover, most patients that already follow this faith welcome having such strict rules and beliefs to follow.

Practices to Expect at Christian Rehab Centers

Individuals that choose to go to Christian rehab centers often do so because they subscribe to Christian theology. What’s more, Alcoholics Anonymous was founded through a Christian-based approach to overcoming addiction.

The following are the most important differences you will encounter with a Christian rehab:

  • Spiritual Support

Christian based rehab centers focus their treatment on Christian theology when working with patients to help them overcome their substance use addictions and behavioral concerns. Moreover, patients are encouraged to turn to Christianity for emotional and spiritual support as they face the trials of withdrawal and recovery.

  • Prayer

These rehab centers often act as opportunities for individuals that already practice the Christian faith to find the answers they’ve been searching for regarding their addiction. Oftentimes, at these centers, the programs will start in prayer, with everyone meeting together to ask God for assistance in staying sober. This regular prayer is coupled with reading the Bible, medical treatment, and therapy as strategies to facilitate effective recovery.

  • References to the Bible

Biblical phrases are a source of inspiration for many Christians, especially those that are in treatment. These treatment programs at Christian rehab centers often use the Bible to help patients stay strong in the face of addiction. Most of these biblical teachings are used in these programs to teach patients how to live their life without substance abuse.

  • Rebuilding Relationships with Others and God

Just as one of the most important focuses of a treatment facility is to rebuild relationships with family members and friends, at Christian rehab centers, patients are encouraged to reconnect with God. As withdrawal can make patients feel as though they have turned away from God, these rehab centers remind patients that they can reconnect with God and that they can always be forgiven for their past.

Who Stands to Benefit from Christian Rehab Centers?

While many of the patients that do choose these treatment centers already are practicing members of the Christian faith, there are quite a few patients that choose to be treated at a Christian center that is new to these teachings. These facilities don’t turn anyone away from receiving treatment, regardless of their faith or background.

These types of facilities tend to benefit Christians the most, as they are built upon these philosophies and teachings. Individuals that are uncomfortable with the Christian faith will likely not benefit from these rehab centers. Any resistance towards these beliefs will only further complicate the recovery process, adding unnecessary stress during an already challenging time.

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