Can Sober Living In Ft Wayne Help My Son Get Off Drugs?

When your son is the victim of addiction, it can tear you apart. You can’t stand to see what substance abuse is doing to him. No matter how old he is, he will always be your child and your entire world. You know that he is on a path of destruction if something isn’t done to help him right now. You have heard about sober living in Ft Wayne and you want to know if this could be the solution that will help him to turn his life around. While sober living is helpful in finding freedom from addiction, you need to understand that this is only one component of breaking free from substance abuse.


How Sober Living Works

A sober living facility is an ideal setting when a person in recovery needs to transition from a rehabilitation facility to normal life. Think of it as a way of easing a person into daily routines once again while learning how to cope with life’s pressures and obligations. There is still additional support offered as all members of a sober living facility are required to abstain from substance abuse. Members of the household work, do chores in the home, and attend support meetings to make sure they are ready to return to the lives they led before addiction took control. A sober living facility does not offer detoxification or rehabilitation services.


Recovery Begins with an Addiction Recovery Program

If your son is battling with addiction, the first step is to help him accept that he has a problem and he needs help. Addiction is an illness and it needs a treatment approach that will be personalized to suit his needs. The next step is to find an addiction recovery center that will provide your son with his customized plan of action. When choosing a recovery program, consider the following:

  • Inpatient services are generally more successful than outpatient services
  • Detoxification is key as all traces of addictive substances are eliminated from the body
  • A safe environment under the supervision of medical professionals is effective

Get your son on the path to a life that is free from addiction by entering a treatment plan that will suit his needs. He will be surrounded by compassionate professionals who are there to help him every step of the way. Other members of the program will be in a similar situation. There will no longer be any access to the source of addiction that has caused you and your son so much heartache. With counseling services, time, and patience, your son can begin a new chapter in life.


Consider Sober Living After Addiction Recovery Treatment is Complete

Once your son completes addiction recovery treatment, you want to do everything possible to ensure that he will continue on the road to success. Addiction is challenging. It is going to take continued effort, vigilance, and the support of others to make sure he does not fall back on old habits when there are challenges in life. Sober living in Ft Wayne can be the next step in the recovery process when he has completed the first round of rehabilitation services. While in sober living, he will be joined by others who are overcoming substance abuse. He will continue to be in a safe and supportive environment as he leaves his rehabilitation facility and prepares to resume normal life. It can be overwhelming to have work, family, bills, and other responsibilities heaped on a person’s shoulders immediately after leaving a recovery program. A sober living facility will give your son a chance to catch his breath, take up one responsibility at a time, and talk with others who are facing similar problems when it is difficult to cope or temptation is hard to resist. Sober living will give your son the opportunity to become stronger every day. When he leaves, he will be ready to take on everyday challenges in a healthy way.


Take the First Step to Begin Addiction Recovery Treatment Now

We’re here to help you and your son. Reach out by calling us today at (574) 377-8643 to learn more about our addiction recovery program and what we have to offer your son. We’re here to be your guide as you find out what options are available, what to expect from the program, and how soon your son can get started. It’s time to embrace a life that is free from addiction and we can help.