Can Residential Treatment Centers Help Me Find Housing Before I Leave?

Your stay at a residential treatment center helps you prepare to stay sober even after you leave. However, it is common for people to have concerns about housing when they are getting ready to leave the program. In some cases, you may not want to return to your old home if people there continue to use drugs or alcohol. Alternatively, you may just be ready for a fresh start. Now that you are sober, you have more options for finding a house. You may be more financially stable or capable of maintaining a better home. The good news is that you can get help from your residential treatment center with finding a new place to live by using these three steps as a springboard to a new and better life.

Discuss Your Ideal Living Arrangements

In the past, you may have been fine living with people who were fine with your former lifestyle. You may have also not cared if you lived near a bar or a house that was known for dealing drugs. Now, however, you have set higher standards for yourself. Your time in a residential treatment program teaches you just how important it is to be in a supportive, safe and drug-free environment. Your new commitment to staying sober deserves the opportunity to continue to live in a place that supports your healthy lifestyle.

Your ideal living arrangements may look different from someone else’s. Naturally, you must make it being a drug and alcohol-free space a priority. Yet, it is normal to be unsure of what else matters after that. Start by talking to your counselor about your concerns so that they can guide you in the right direction. For instance, you might choose to live in a sober living residence if you have never lived alone before and are afraid to be too independent too soon. Alternatively, you may find that you are better off living independently and will be fine as long as you stick to your after care plan.

Consider Factors That Affect Your Options

As nice as it would be to just move into your dream home, the truth is that life doesn’t always work that way. You will also need to think about how the new parts of your life could affect your living options. For instance, these factors all influence where you may choose to live and what type of house you get.

  • your relationship status
  • your career
  • Whether you have kids or pets
  • your past rental or homeowner’s history

Some people choose to stay in the same area as their residential treatment center. You may make this choice to be close to your outpatient counseling sessions. You may also just love the area and want to continue building a life there. If you had a home with a family but the relationship was broken due to drugs or alcohol, then you might need to start off with a house on your own while you redevelop trust. In that case, a sober living apartment might work well for temporary housing. Your residential treatment counselors are all prepared to help you find the right option that helps you stay sober after you leave the program so be sure to let them know of all of the factors that influence your decision.

Make a Plan to Stay Sober at Your New House

A quality residential treatment center will not suggest that you leave the program without talking about your after care plan. Your long-term plans for sobriety depend upon you doing things that help you maintain an upward movement in life. Getting a job, finding a place to live and learning how to make new sober friends are all essential components of this plan. This is why you can expect your treatment program to help you find housing. However, you must still do your part to make sure that your new plans for a place to live works.

Your new house will require you to continue to work to support the payments. You will also need to stay committed to sobriety so that you do not start to fall into bad habits such as skipping work or showing up drunk. Fortunately, this is all possible when you continue to attend outpatient care such as group counseling sessions that help you learn to manage stress after you leave rehab.

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