Can I Get Treatment for Drug Abuse Without Anyone Else Knowing?

Once an addiction sufferer comes to the realization they have an addiction, there’s usually a bit of shame that rises to the surface. If you are yourself in this exact situation, there’s something you should know. Addictions are diseases. Once bitten by the addiction bug, there’s actually very little someone can do to completely rid themselves of the disease of addiction. What they can do is reach out for help arresting their addiction and lay it dormant somewhere deep in their soul where it can never get out again. As you contemplate enlisting the services of a reputable drug and alcohol addiction treatment center, there’s a good chance you are carrying some of that guilt around with you.

If so, you have likely been trying to hide your addiction and likewise, you probably want to hide the fact you are trying to get help for your addiction. Regardless of your concerns, your primary concern should be getting yourself into treatment. Without it, you will likely find yourself living a life of desperation, and that’s no way to live. As for secrecy about your addiction and getting help, that has to be a personal choice. Frankly, it’s probably better that you let your loved ones in on the secret. Their support could go a long way towards helping you recover from the disease of drug or alcohol addiction. If you still have concerns about secrecy and privacy, we’ll be happy to address that now.

Can I Get Treatment for Drug Abuse Without Anyone Else Knowing?

The title question is a very important one. You are not alone in your query. Privacy is a big deal to a lot of people for a lot of reasons. The short answer to the question is an emphatic yes. There’s plenty of facilities that are very supportive of protecting client privacy much in the same way a medical doctor would do so. Of course, your right to privacy excludes the rehab facility. There are certain pieces of information they will need to process you in and out of treatment. At the absolute least, they will need your insurance information if that’s the payment option you choose. In that case, your circumstances with being known to people in rehab and insurance company employees. Clearly, your privacy concerns are directed towards protecting your reputation with family, friends, and co-workers. For the most part, addiction treatment centers have an obligation to protect your privacy. Should something go terribly wrong during the addiction treatment process, the rehab facility then has an obligation to reach out to family members to get them involved in the crisis. Let’s discuss other aspects of confidential treatment.

The Law

There are in fact laws that mandate treatment centers to protect your right to privacy at all costs. If a rehab facility receives any kind of federal funding or operates as a tax-exempt, non-profit organization, your privacy is actually protected by federal law. Under federal law, the rehab facility is prohibited from disclosing any of your intake or treatment records without your written consent. The only reasonable exception to this law would be if law enforcement were to subpoena the records as part of a criminal or civil investigation. Otherwise, the rehab facility must abide by your privacy wishes.

Privacy for Business Executives and Celebrities

If you are a high-profile individual, you are likely extra sensitive about your privacy. While there should be no shame in trying to get help for an addiction, there are a lot of unscrupulous people in the media and otherwise who love to get hold of information about a high-profile individual going through addiction treatment. Most rehab facilities, ours included, try to be extra sensitive to the privacy needs of high-profile people. There would be no discussions with the media or anyone outside of family and friends with written permission.

We strongly enforce these internal rules in our facility because we understand there might be a lot on the line should information get out about addiction treatment. Think about it. A celebrity or important business executive could have a contract that states drug use is cause for dismissal. If we weren’t able to protect a client’s privacy, they might opt to avoid treatment. Then, no one wins. If you have concerns about your privacy, we understand. We want you to come in for treatment and we will do all we can to keep everything confidential. For more information about our facility and treatment options, you can call us at 833-762-3739.