Can an Indiana Alcohol Treatment Center Work With Your Insurance If They Won’t Pay at First?

Alcohol has been controlling your life for too long. You need help. You are not going to win this fight on your own. You’ve already tried and your problems only became worse. You’re struggling with your job, your relationships, and your health. It’s time to begin a new chapter in life. An alcohol treatment center can lead the way to sobriety. There is only one problem. You have a considerable deductible. You have to cover a set amount of your costs before your insurance policy will cover the rest of your rehab care. You don’t know what to do. You need to know if your Indiana alcohol treatment center will work with your insurance company if they won’t pay at first.

Your Rehab Center Can Provide You with Options to Make Treatment Affordable

The most important thing that you need to remember is alcohol treatment can save your life. It’s worth your out-of-pocket costs if it opens the door to a future that is free from addiction. The first step in figuring out payment arrangements is to talk to your insurance provider. The next step is to explain your situation to your Indiana alcohol treatment center. Caring staff members are there to help you figure out what to do about the burden of costs. They’ll do their best to lighten the load by explaining your options. You may qualify for state aid. A sliding fee scale could benefit you when you have to pay for a deductible. Payment plans are another possibility. Once you have taken care of your responsibilities, your insurance company will take care of the rest. Rehab representatives may negotiate payment from your insurance company with the understanding that you will be paying your portion of the costs as soon as you have a plan of action.

Don’t Let Financial Worries Hold You Back

Choosing rehab in an alcohol treatment center in Indiana means making an investment in your future. Regardless of how much you may need to pay on your own, consider the alternative. The cost of addiction is much higher. Alcohol destroys families. It ruins careers. It wrecks a person’s health. Alcohol addiction robs you of your future. It’s time to take it back. Concerns about finances may stop you from seeking help. Your rehab professionals will guide you through the payment process, helping you to find a way to afford the care that you need to turn your life around.

Get the Help You Need Now

You need help now. Even if your insurance company won’t cover treatment until you pay your share, alcohol addiction won’t wait. It will only suck you into a deeper hole. You want to climb out and accept helping hands that are waiting for you in your Indiana rehab facility. Once you have discussed payment options with representatives, you can get to work on recovery. It will be the biggest challenge of your life, but it will be worth every minute.

Understand What Options are Covered by Your Insurance Company Before Treatment Begins

Before you actually become a patient in an Indiana alcohol treatment center, it’s important to have a clear understanding of what is covered by your health insurance policy. Ask your insurance provider:

  • What length of treatment is covered?
  • Is detox covered?
  • Is outpatient care covered?
  • Is inpatient care covered?
  • What if your rehab center is out of network?
  • What are your co-pays in addition to your deductible?

Your insurance company may only cover 21 days while your treatment program recommends anything ranging from 30 days to 120 days. You may find that outpatient care is fully covered after your deductible while inpatient care has more out-of-pocket costs. If you choose to receive treatment for a lengthy period of time, there is a good chance you will have to pay more. In the end, you will need to decide what will work best for you. Your Indiana alcohol treatment representatives will help you to find the right fit to suit your needs.

Comprehensive Care is Key in Achieving Successful Recovery

Once your rehab facility has worked with you to figure out how you will cover your costs for treatment, your sessions can begin. Detox will help you to clear the toxins from your body so you can concentrate on counseling. Whether you receive outpatient or inpatient care, the main emphasis will be on helping you to learn healthy ways to cope with life’s struggles. You will learn how to leave alcohol behind.

Your Indiana Alcohol Treatment Representatives are Here to Help

Call now at 833-762-3739 to find out how you can begin treatment for your alcohol addiction. Caring representatives are here for you 24/7 to find the answers you need.