Are There Volunteer Programs at an Alcohol and Drug Rehab Center?

When you commit to an inpatient rehab program, you will likely be there for weeks or even a month or more, day and night. You’ll be working on detox first, a very important step in your life. After that comes one-on-one therapy, group therapy, holistic treatments, and more. You’ll often have a pretty busy schedule while you are a part of rehab, and you may be wondering what exactly will be expected of you. Are there volunteer programs at an alcohol and drug rehab center? The answer typically depends on the rehab in question.

Why Volunteer?

When you are not attending therapy sessions during your stay, you will probably be surprised to realize that you have a bunch of free time on your hands. One of the best ways you can fill that free time is by volunteering while you are there. Why volunteer? Any type of volunteering will provide you with a great deal of benefits, both physically and mentally. You’ll also connect yourself with the community you are in, specifically the people surrounding you in rehab. You’ll learn how to get along with your peers, how to work next to each other, and how to problem-solve. These are skills you can use long after you leave the facility!

When you volunteer your time, you will feel better about yourself. As an addict, there is a good chance you have been taking from the community more than you have been giving. It is time to give back to others, and what easier way to do so than by volunteering? You’ll gain a clearer perspective of the world while feeling needed and appreciated. You’ll see that you have much more to give than you ever realized.

Another reason why volunteering is so important is that you will learn more about yourself and what you are capable of. During rehab, you don’t know what type of volunteering you will be asked to do. Because of this, you could be asked to do something you have never done before. You may be very pleasantly surprised to find that you have an amazing skill you’ve never used. It doesn’t seem that relevant, but it is. You could use that skill once you are out of rehab. It could even open you up to a lot of new opportunities!

Volunteering is also a very healthy activity to partake in. You may have become more sedentary during your drug use, which is obviously not good for your body and mind. With the variety of tasks you could be asked to perform in rehab, you could easily become much more physical that you have been in years. Feeling better about yourself physically also means you will feel better emotionally.

Volunteering During Rehab

What opportunities you will have to volunteer will depend on the rehab and your personal situation. Many rehab facilities will not allow you to volunteer until they have a better idea of what you are capable of emotionally. You definitely won’t be able to volunteer while you are still detoxing. Your counselors will want to make sure you are focused on YOU at that point, not others. Once you are through with detox and are making strides in therapy, volunteering may be an option.

You may be able to volunteer around different areas of the center. Some rehab centers need extra help in the kitchen, possibly with light prep work or cleaning. You may be asked to do dishes or straighten up the dining hall after meals. Many rehabs have larger recreational centers that you may be permitted to volunteer to keep organized. You could clean bathrooms, mop floors, and vacuum carpets. Your therapist will talk to you about the best opportunities available at the time.

Get Passionate With Volunteer Work

Volunteering can ignite a passion in your heart that you didn’t know was there. You can bring the skills you have learned out of rehab and into the real world once you have completed the program. Many patients have been shocked at how the skills they have learned volunteering relates to the outside world. Use these skills to fall back on when times get tough Remember, you are worth the effort.

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