Are There Treatment Centers In Indiana That Can Help If You’re Unemployed?

Addiction treatment takes a great deal of dedication, but it also requires funds to pay for professional treatment. Without a source of income, overcoming any addiction can be a hurdle. But does this mean because you are unemployed, you can’t get professional help from treatment centers?

Fortunately, regardless of your financial situation, you have the right to seek medical, addiction, and mental help. The government and other organizations have strived to formulate solutions that make addiction treatment available for the unemployed. Let’s take a quick look at some of these options you should look into when unemployed, but you need urgent drug addiction treatment.

State-funded drug rehab

The government sets aside funds necessarily to contain drug addiction crises. Free drug rehab facilities run through the help of these state funds. These facilities strictly treat individuals who either have no adequate insurance coverage or have little or no income. To qualify for admission and treatment, you need to demonstrate that you have no means to pay for the services.

Nonetheless, due to the high demand, you might have to wait for your turn as most state-funded drug rehab centers operate on a waiting list basis. You might also want to know that the amenities in these facilities normally are basic. Generally, the quality of treatment expected varies depending on the amount of funds received periodically.

Sponsored programs at private rehabs

As part of social responsibility, some privately-owned centers will offer free drug addiction treatment for unemployed, disabled, homeless, or less fortunate addicts. These sponsored programs take care of the expenses incurred by the sponsored addicts while at the treatment facility. It’s essential that you apply for these addiction treatment sponsorships and watch where luck leads you. You must provide evidence for your inability to pay for treatment as well as medical files confirming your addiction crisis.

Faith-based free alcohol and drug rehab

Many spiritual centers are gradually extending other services other than religious activities. Faith-based free alcohol and drug rehab programs are one such example of services offered by spiritual centers. As a way to make changes in the community, some Christian rehab centers are located within the church and communities to help the less fortunate. Most programs aim at incorporating Christianity and spiritual mindsets into the drug addiction treatment programs. Some work in conjunction with drug rehabs with the help of funds from good Samaritans to support the less fortunate with the journey to sobriety. Research for these faith-based programs in your area and approach them for help.

Apply for Medicaid cover

If you are unemployed for a long period and you have no access to funds, chances are you will qualify for Medicaid coverage. You are eligible for Medicaid health insurance coverage if you have no income, you are pregnant, or you have children and live below poverty lines. Medicaid covers for drug addiction treatment for part or all your expenses during treatment. Visit your preferred drug rehab and inquire if they accept Medicaid as a mode of payment. Most public drug addiction treatment centers accept Medicaid.

Apply for Medicare cover

Are you a senior citizen above the age of sixty-five years old who has been paying taxes for at least ten years of your life? Perhaps you are below the age of sixty-five but disabled with no source of income. If your answer is yes for the above questions, you qualify for Medicare coverage. Medicare provides cover for alcohol and substance abuse treatment if your preferred provider accepts the cover as a mode of payment, and if your doctor declares your addiction treatment as medically necessary. You may qualify for both inpatient and outpatient treatment depending on the costs of services and your treatment plan.

Non-profit making rehab centers

Some organizations run for a great course to help addicts with free addiction treatment. The non-profit-making organizations support addicts, increase awareness, and fight for the legislation of policies that will help addicts get subsidized or free professional help. Typically, they admit patients on the merit of bed availability and capacity. You may need to apply to qualify for treatment. You must also show your inability to get an insurance cover and pay for treatment.

Today, seeking treatment shouldn’t be a problem. Addiction treatment isn’t only for the rich and employed. Explore these options to see where you get lucky. Are you looking for a good treatment center for your substance or alcohol addiction problem? Look no further. We will help you to the best of our ability. Contact us at 833-762-3739.